Monday, January 19, 2015

Advanced CW--Friday, January 16th, 2015

3rd Block:  Advanced Creative Writing
Day Eight--Friday, January 16yh, 2015

Writing Experiment--One Poem, Three Ways (page 16)
1.      Create on google docs; save in Adv Cr. Wr. Collection in “One Poem, Three Ways” as your last name!
2.     What are we going to talk about later?
a.     Line length
b.    Endline (word at the end of each line)
c.     Enjambment (when the meaning of the line spills over from one line to the next)
Time = 20 minutes
  • At the bottom of each poem, please type a sentence that addresses the effect of (1)your line breaks and (2)your line length.
  • Make sure your poem is in the correct folder.

Brain Pain
Got a Bee in Your Bonnet?

Lunch @ 12:21

Banished Words (p. 31)
1.      Share your individual lists in trios.  Each person reads his/her words and reasons--read straight from your paper--no ad-libbing!  Why am I saying this?
2.     Highlight THREE total from your trio that you agree must go, and we’ll share those out with the class.

Online Submission--Word to Banish for 2016
  • Now you submit a word as an individual to the Lake Superior State University Banished Word List for 2015 (online).
  • Take a screenshot of your submission (OBVIOUSLY BEFORE YOU SEND IT), then e-mail it to me as proof you did this.  It will look just like Tyler’s did on page 31!

Writing Assignment #2--Apparent Contradictions (page 33)
  1. Read the information on the top half of the page.
  2. Now read the directions for Assignment #1.
  3. Follow the directions, and save this assignment in the google folder called Apparent Contradictions--Oxymorons, page 33--Assignment #1.
  4. What are we going to talk about later?
    1. Oxymorons
    2. Figurative language versus literal language

HOMEWORK:  Writing Assignment:  Three Silent Things (p. 6)
1.      Create TWO cinquains, and save them in your google docs.
2.     Choose one of these to share aloud with the class.
3.     Drop it in the class folder called “Cinquains”.

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