Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014--CPR

Wednesday, December 3rd-- 2014
Day 29

  • Read and complete the directions below as soon as you come in today--follow directions!
  1. Put your books and gear along the walls, please.
  2. Put your desk in movie-watching mode!
  3. Go to the table by the windows.
  4. Leave your phone as a hostage as follows--
    1. name card under your phone
    2. phone on top of your name card, so your name peeks out below
    3. phone turned off
  5. Get out your Hercules viewing sheet from yesterday.
  6. Clear your desk of everything but drink or snack, a writing implement, and your Hercules viewing sheet.

  • 2nd ended @ 23:33 remaining
  • 3rd ended @ 33:14

  1. Finish watching the last 25-35 minutes of the movie, and finish your notes.
  2. Compare and contrast--Disney version versus Greek myth.
  3. Turn in your notes to the drawer please, after you put your name on them.

New Vocab List (Oedipus)--(handout)
  • We’re going to talk about the words a little--take notes on your handout.
  • Bring your earbuds to class tomorrow.

Oedipus Rex
  1. We are embarking on a reading of the ancient Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex, or Oedipus the King.
  2. Now, I need you to do some background reading.

Background Reading and Annotating
  • Start in class, and finish for homework.
  1. Mythological Background                                             (p. 65)
  2. Tragedy and the City                                                      (p. 67)
  3. Conventions of Greek Drama                                     (p. 68)
  4. Aristotle’s Influence, starting at “Aristotle can, nevertheless….”        (pp. 69-70)           
  5. WHEN/IF you finish the reading and annotating, please hop on quizlet.  The new list is on a schoology link.  Thanks!


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