Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, 12/17/14--Creative Writing

Wednesday, December 17th
Day 39
(Five days remain.)

Please sign in.
  1. Please sit in what is close to your usual seat--no one may sit in the last chair in a row.
  2. Put your phone in the phone hostage center, please.

  1. Pass back papers.
  2. Check off everything on your two blue lists.

Portfolio Preparation
  1. Before you start on your storybook, select your eight best works to go into your portfolio.
  2. I left you two models, so you can see how to fill in the blanks.

Storybook Portfolio Assignment
  1. Let me show you what you’re going to create.
  2. Here are some handouts--you’re welcome!
  3. We’re going to watch a couple of tutorials to get you going.

Workshop Time the Rest of the Block, Thursday, and Friday
  • Storybook Portfolio
  • By the time we got started on the actual work of the book, it was 2:40 or so.  We had forty minutes to work.

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