Sunday, November 23, 2014

Friday, 11/21/14--Creative Writing

Friday, November 21st, 2014
Day 24
When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  3. Grab a new section of the handbook--orange--off the manila folder table.
  4. Grab a pink Prompt Word Poem Rubric, too.

Writing Lesson:  Tips on Titles
  1. Read the eight tips on page 38.
  2. Complete the worksheet on page 39.
  3. Why?  Because you need to create a strong title for the poem you’re writing today; and because as you revise over the next few weeks, you need to revise all your titles so they are strong.
  4. Turn page 39 into the drawer, after you put your name on it.

Writing Workshop:  Prompt Word Poem
  1. Think back to yesterday when we analyzed Lauren’s poem on pages 24-25.  We took her poem apart in order to see how to create one from the ground up--which is what you are doing today.
  2. Let’s pass back 24-25 now to refresh our memories.
  3. Okay, the directions for the assignment are on page 23.    Instead of you writing the words down there though, I created a doc in our class folder called “Prompt Word Poem Words.”
  4. Also, for the first time this term, and since we have entered the second half of the  class and should be able to show what you can do, I am evaluating your piece based on a rubric.  Let’s look at the targets you need to hit.
  5. You need to complete this draft today.  Fill out the rubric after you finish the poem, and drop it in the drawer by 3:20, please.

Writing Workshop/Homework for Monday

You must answer "YES" to all the following questions for 100% on this assignment.
Copy the seven items in red below, then paste them into the top of your doc before you start typing.
1.      The piece is a minimum of 400 words.  My word count is in parentheses beside my name.
2.     I used paragraphs to show my shifting ideas.
3.     I used the correct MLA format for heading.
4.     I doublespaced the whole piece.
5.     I included at least five specific examples to support what I’m saying--these five specific examples are highlighted in yellow.
6.     I used to replace at least five words I ordinarily use with five more powerful, precise words--these words are highlighted in pink.
7.     All above items are complete by classtime Monday, at which time I will submit it to Willis on google form.

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