Thursday, October 30, 2014

CPR Plan for Friday, October 31st


Friday, October 31st, 2014
Day Nine

1) Complete the assignment on schoology entitled, “Greek Myth Creation Story Note-Taking.”

2) Go to schoology, and carefully read the assignment called “Greek Myth Barbie Project.”

3) Continue reading your yellow packet, then consulting the four websites to get great information about your god or goddess.  You need at least one full page of notes BEFORE you create your Barbie.

4) Start researching to see which Greek myth beast or creature you’d like to present later this week:

5) If you find a myth beast or creature you want to claim, e-mail me who you want, and a sentence about why you want them.  (Ideally, they have a connection with your Barbie god or goddess.)


  • Study the new quizlet vocab words for at least twenty minutes.
  • One full page or more of notes about your myth person
  • Myth Barbie--correct and complete!

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