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Monday, April 7th, 2014

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Monday!  April 7th, 2014

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Papers Back to Put in Your Binder
·      EB/Plagiarism page 3
·      Earthbook Reading Assignment
·      Portfolio Viewing Page

Papers to Put in Your Manila Folder
1.      Free Write #1
2.     Free Write #2
3.     Cliché Story
4.    Early Memory Visualizing Sheet

·      Read over the comments you got from your Cliché Partner story.
·      When you finish, one partner tuck those slips in your manila folder, then everyone put his/her manila folder back in the black folder-holder.  Thanks!

Writing Lesson Review:  Clichés--Okay, so, to review, WHY do we avoid clichés in our writing?
1.      They are boring.
2.     They are trite.
3.     They are predictable.
4.     They’re overused.

Writing Lesson:  Clichés
1.        Clichés--page 7—what are they?  Why are they bad for our writing?
2.       Assignment—review clichés.  Make sure you know what they are and can recognize them.
a.     Read pages 8-9.
b.    Put a smiley face by clichés you find amusing.
c.     Put a checkmark by ones you’ve heard a bunch (familiar).
d.    Put a question mark by the ones you have no clue about
3.       Pair-Share
a.     Compare notes with a partner.
b.    Share your smiley faces, and explain why.
c.     Share your question marks.  If you can explain one to your partner, do so!  That will save us time later.
4.       Assignment:  Create anti-clichés (p. 7).
a.     It has to make sense! (be true)
b.     It has to be original.
c.     It has to put a picture in our heads!
Started at __10:48__; ending about -ish?
2.     Trade four times, at least, for smileys. (started 11AM)
a.     Read your partner’s nine anti-clichés.
b.     Put a smiley and your initials by the TWO you feel are strongest.
3.     Now, put a big rectangle around your answer you feel is strongest.
4.     Everyone share his/her best anti-cliché.

Vocabulary-Building:  Free Rice
1.      You need a big vocabulary to write precisely.  This term, we’re going to work specifically on building your vocabulary.
2.     Go to my blog, and click on the “Creative Writing Free Rice” link on the right side of the blog for our class.
3.     Do you see our class group name above your bowl of rice?  That’s the only way to know for sure you’re in the group.
4.     You need to donate 5,000 grains by __THURSDAY, APRIL 10th__.
5.     Guess what free rice has to do with diction?!

When You Play, Every Time
1.      Go to “Change Level”, and change it to two levels below your best.
2.     Do NOT start over from “1” every time.  You will lose hours of your life! 

Free Rice

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