Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Creative Writing

  • We worked on the google doc entitled "Creative Writing Checklist" in our shared class folder.
  • E-mail me if you have questions.
  • Thanks,
  • KW

  • Turbo-Advanced Creative Writing
    Happy Tuesday!  March 18th, 2014

    1)  Organization
    1.      Sign in, please.
    2.     Have your group short stories out you read for homework, and make sure YOUR NAME is in big letters across the top of each one.
    3.     Write a legend at the top for “homework” pen color and “daily” pen color.
    4.     Get back your workshopped stories from yesterday (but please don’t read your comments during Workshop time today).
    5.     But first, the following people did not hand stories in yesterday.  Give them to me now, if you want credit for them, please.

    2)  Short Story Workshop Prep
    1.      Discuss procedures for the Short Story Workshop.
    2.     Suggestions for Improvement
    a.     Many people said the system works as it is right now.
    b.    Slow down a bit when reading, so people have a bit more time to comment as they read.
    c.     Get right to it as soon as you get in the room, and get right back to it after lunch, so time isn’t wasted.
    d.    Stay focused on the task at hand.
    e.     Make sure and let everyone have an equal time to comment on the stories.

    3)  When You Finish Workshop for Today
    ·      Put the stories you workshopped today in a pile by the monkey.
    ·      Put a checkmark by your name, indicated your work is turned in.  Thanks!

    4)  CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK:  Style Analysis
    1.      Open the Style Analysis doc in our class folder, the one about YOUR short story--this will be the one your partner created.
    2.     Reread your self-analysis (column “D”) of your short story writing style.
    3.     “UNHIDE” column “C”, so you can see the analysis your partner did for you last week.
    4.     In column “E,” type three to five sentences FOR EACH SYTLE ITEM (nine items total) showing me what you learned about any one of the following:
    a.     The differences between your analysis and your partner’s
    b.    The similarities “ “
    c.     Your own writing style
    d.    Something you improved on
    e.     Something you still view as an area to work on

    5)  HOMEWORK:  Short Story Revision
    1.      The directions are on a doc in google drive called “Short Story Revision.”  (due by classtime tomorrow)
    2.     Please follow directions exactly.  J (due Monday)

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