Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


Welcome to Creative Writing!
Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.

Writing Lesson Review:  Clichés--Okay, so, to review, WHY do we avoid clichés in our writing?
1.      They are boring.
2.     They are trite.
3.     They are predictable.
4.     They’re overused.

Collaborative Writing Assignment:  Cliché Story
1.      Model—Begin with the End in Mind:  “Damsel in Distress”—it’s in our class folder on google drive, so use it for help!

Directions for Cliché Story Prep: (15 minutes)
1.      Create a new google doc called "Your Last Name--Cliché List".
2.     Save it in the class folder called “Cliché Lists.”
3.     Go on a cliché hunt.  In the next fifteen minutes, browse EACH of the following sites for clichés.
4.     When you find a cliché that particularly strikes you (imagery, accuracy, humor) copy and paste it into a google doc titled "Cliché List".
5.     Create a numbered list, which I showed you how to do yesterday.
6.     You need at least fifteen at the end of fifteen minutes.  DO MORE if you finish before I call time!  Fifteen is only a bare minimum.

NOTE:  What we are about to perform is an exorcism:
v An exorcism:   “the expulsion or attempted expulsion of an evil spirit from a person or place.”
v To exorcise:  “drive out or attempt to drive out (an evil spirit) from a person or place.”

v Reminder:  The only acceptable places to be on your computer today are as follows:
1.      The blog
2.     The sites/links on the blog
3.—bookmark it now, peeps!
4.     Google drive
Note #1:        NO MUSIC today—you are working with a partner; headphones, earbuds, cell phones—stow those away now.
Note #2:      If LAN School tells me you are any place else, you lose half-credit on your daily assignment, which cannot be made up.  Make sure you are on WCSD—STUDENT so your computer is visible to me; otherwise, you lose half-credit as well.

Writing Workshop Time:  Cliché Story
1.      One person in the pair CREATE a new google doc.
2.     Drag your story in the “Cliché Pair Story” in our class Creative Writing folder.
3.     Rename your doc this:  Your Two Last Names—Cliché Story
4.     Read each other your list of fifteen or more clichés.
5.     Mark any clichés on pages 8 and 9 you might want to use.
6.     Talk about a possible PLOTS, CHARACTERS and SETTINGS.  Use your LITERARY ARCHETYPE handout for help.
7.     Start typing your story!
8.     Both people type!

Cliché Trio Story Requirements/Grading
1.      We used as many clichés as possible to create a fictional story.
2.     We boldfaced the clichés so they stand out from the story.
3.     We used least four sentences of dialogue in quotation marks, and we edited them correctly.  We used “Damsel in Distress” to help us with this.
4.     We typed about a page and a half, doublespaced.
5.     We used paragraphs to indicate shifting ideas.
6.     We used the correct MLA format for heading.


Welcome to TURBO-ACW!  J
Thursday, January 23, 2014

When You Come In
1.               Please sign in on the 3rd Block clipboard.

Bad Poem Creation
1.      In NEW TRIOS, complete page 12.
2.     Then start typing your BAD POEM!  It should be the worst poem possible.
3.     We had fifteen minutes to work yesterday; you have ten minutes to work now, and then we will read them!  Aayayayayayaya!

·      Bad Poem Reading
·      Balloting  J

Brain Pain
Watch Where You Put That Word!
Word order is crucial in determining the meaning of a sentence.  James hit Charles is very different from Charles hit James.

See how many alternative sentences you can build using all the words in this sentence:

Rodrigo left Clara the keys and a note.

·      How does the meaning of the sentence change as you shift words around? 
·      Are some words easier to shift than others?

1.      Rodrigo left Clara a note and the keys.
2.     The keys left Rodrigo and Clara a note.
3.     A note left Rodrigo and Clara the keys.
4.     A note left the keys, Rodrigo, and Clara.
5.     Clara Rodrigo left a note and the keys.
6.     Clara left Rodrigo a note and the keys.

7.     Clara left the keys and Rodrigo a note.

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