Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

APillionaries—Thursday, October 24th, 2013
·      The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Put your name at the top of your take-home quiz, then put it by my candle.
3.     (Hang on to your yellow pages for now, please.)
4.     Get some papers back.

Vocabulary, Part I                                  2:00-2:15
1.      Get in your Vocab War pairs.
2.     Update your Vocab War grids.
3.     Total your team points.
4.     Write your team name on the board, then the total team points you’ve earned—a winner will be revealed!  J

Vocabulary, Part II:  Vocabulary Final Evaluation
·      + 20 minutes of free rice
·      Start at 2:20; ending at 2:40.

Finish Vocab Evaluation, and Turn In at Candle
·      Top                =         white eval
·      Next              =         red sheet
·      Bottom        =         yellow Vocab War sheets

Vocabulary Note—Fiction Terms
Ø  There are new terms on quizlet—fiction terms, a whole bunch of them! 
Ø  Fiction Vocab Quiz  = Thursday, 10/31/2013

Independent Discussion:  Spread Your Wings and Fly!  J (handout)

Reminders for On-Your-Own Dicussion
1.     Stay IN THE TEXT. 
2.    And inference is a reasonable guess based on the information in the text. 
a.    State only inferences that can be supported by the text. 
b.   If it cannot be supported by the text, do not say it.
3.    Stay focused. 
4.   Be clear and concise.

At 3:15:
·      Hand in the following pages, in order (or die):
o   8, 9, 11, 12, 13 (name on page 8)
·      The novella, with your name on page 3


1.      Quizlet = Fiction Terms—quiz Tuesday, Term 2                 (10/31)


End of Block Turn-In—Please make separate piles for each number.

1.      Mango Daily Work:  8,9,11,12,13 (in order; name on page 8)
2.     Mango Street novella, name on page 3 in big letters
3.     Orange inner circle/outer circle sheet, filled out, with notebook paper (outer circle notes) stapled to the back.
4.     “A Modest Proposal”, open to page 190; name in big letters at top

Homework Due by Noon Tomorrow
·      Requirements for the reflection are below!  J

After Our Fishbowl Concludes
1.      Think about what you most want to say about—FISHBOWL REFLECTION:
a.     Paragraph #1:  Your performance today—what you did well, what you’d like to do better during your next academic discussion.
b.    Paragraph #2:  Your contributions today—what you brought to the discussion
c.     Paragraph #3:  A specific aspect of the topics discussed—a question, a clarification, an a-ha moment, etc.
2.     Think about what you most want to say about—YOUR GROWTH IN CLASS:
a.     Re-read your CPR Comment sheet, starting your first entry, and reading through your annotation reflection. 
b.    Read my comments.
c.     Paragraph #4:  What is one skill you’ve learned or improved significantly on since August?  Explain how and why.
d.    Paragraph #5:  What is a second skill…?  Explain how and why.
3.     Develop your ideas into a five-paragraph personal essay, introspective (looking inward) and honest in tone.
4.     Use details/examples to support your points.
5.     Other requirements
a.     Typed at the end of your CPR COMMENTS doc on google
b.    Dated and Titled “CPR Final Reflection”
c.     Doublespaced
6.     Completed on the google do by noon tomorrow (Friday)--I will read the reflections and finalize grades at that time.


J  When You Come In—Remain calm.  Hold your questions until everyone arrives to class.

1.     Staple your white self-evaluation (filled out with circled numbers and well-argued reasonings) on top of you typed reflection.
2.    Hang on to these until the end of the block, please. 
3.    Grab a Portfolio Comment sheet from beside the sign-in sheet, and put your name and portfolio title at the top.
4.    When class starts:  re-arrange library; strong people; five minutes.
5.    Find a nice, safe spot for your portfolio—either at a desk or table--and set it up.  Lay your Portfolio Comment sheet next to it.

Here are the three things we’re doing today:
1.      View portfolios, and say two nice things about each.
2.     With Me:  save four Earthbook submissions in the folder.
3.     Make sure you have four revisions saved in the appropriate folders.

When I Call Your Name, Bring your COMPUTER with you, and come next door.  (Earthbook Subs Explanation)

Portfolio Packet Turn-In
·      Staple your papers in  this order, then bring them to me in the library, with your project, IF it’s portable!
1.     (on top)                   Self-Eval
2.    (middle)                              Typed Reflection
3.    (bottom)                             Comment Sheet

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