Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Welcome, AP English Peeps!  J
·      Happy Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Ø  Sign in, please.

Shifting Gears
·      Tomorrow, I’ll ask you to type a reflection about the reading and discussion you’ve done thus far.
·      But today, I want to move in a new direction, a direction where you read a fiction story, the respond to it in your journal, then create some academic discussion with a partner.
·      Also tomorrow
o   Turn-in day
o   In-class vocabulary work (handout)
o   Vocab War explanation (handout)

New Unit Focus:  Minimalism!  Who’s excited?!  
 “Popular Mechanics” (pp. 19-20)—short story by Raymond Carver
1.      Read and annotate the story.
2.     Answer questions 1-5 in your journal.  Use a complete sentence or two for each one!
3.     Answer questions 6, 7 and 8, but answer these in the following way:
a.     Rephrase the question as the start of your answer.
b.    Answer the question with “I SAY”—your interpretation. 
c.     Support your “I SAY” with “THEY SAY”—what the text (“Popular Mechanics”) says.  Put quotation marks around the evidence you use.
4.     Label your answers, “Popular Mechanics” Reading Journal, please.
5.     If you finish your reading journal early, please work on your vocab-building, either free rice or the online hundred-word list.
6.    Once everyone’s ready:  pair-share with a new partner.  Afterwards, we will discuss as a class ONLY those responses you and your partner have questions about.

Tableaux (three trios and one pair)
       Get with your group, and create a tableaux.
       We’ll perform the tableaux pieces after you have a few minutes of prep time.

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Ø  Thursday, August 29th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.

Vital Information About Class
Ø  REMINDER:  Always access freerice from my link on the blog, to remind yourself to play in our class group.
o   7,500 grains due by Tuesday, September 3rd

Writing Experiment #1—
Around the Block

Model = Gracey Murphy’s poem
Follow the directions on the handout, please.

Revising to a Second Draft
1.      Take a look at the Vocabulary Variety handout I’m giving you.  Let’s talk about how one word makes a difference.  Use this sheet today and every day, until you don’t need it anymore.
2.     Read your peer conference comments—some or all of these should help you revise your poem.
3.     Make at least ten revisions to your poem to make it stronger.  Here’s what you can do to revise:
a.     Add words
b.    Delete words
c.     Switch words and lines around
d.    Take out one word, and substitute a stronger one
e.     Make a strong title.
f.      Make all your line breaks strong.
4.     When you think you’re done, click on “FILE”, then “SEE REVISION HISTORY”.  Count how many revisions you made—do you have at least ten?
5.     Share it with me (“Kerrie Willis”) on google docs.
6.    Play free rice until we go to lunch at 12:05.  (Use your computer as a tool, not a toy, lovelies!)

After Lunch
1.   You have five minutes to finish steps #1-5 in blue on the blog.  (Free Rice if you’ve finished all five steps already.)  END @ 12:44
2.  Then I will show you a few things on the cliché stories.
3.  Then you can work on your stories!

Collaborative Writing Assignment: 
Group Cliché Story

Cliché Trio Story Requirements/Grading
1)     Yes                No       We used as many clichés as possible to create a fictional story.
2)    Yes                 No       We boldfaced the clichés so they stand out from the story.
3)    Yes                 No       We used least four sentences of dialogue in quotation marks.
4)    Yes                 No       Type between one and one and a half pages.
5)    Yes                 No       We doublespaced our story.
6)    Yes                 No       We used paragraphs to indicate shifting ideas.
7)     Yes               No      Our story is classroom appropriate.

Homework = Free Rice—7,500 grains due by Tuesday, September 3rd


Howdy, College-Prep Reading!
Thursday—August 29th, 2013

When You Come In
Ø  Please initial next to your name on the clipboard
Ø  Get your List 3 card spread on your desk, please.

Ø  Put your List 3 cards in the order on the sheet—quick like bunnies--and then we’re going to make the magic happen!

Big Ideas:
1.      Start listening and looking now for resonances, echoes, patterns.

Backbone Literature:  Greek Mythology
1.      Review from yesterday, with paper copies
2.     Literary Eras
3.     Unit Overview
4.     Introduction to Backbone Literature—Greek Mythology
5.     Creation Myth

Research Time from Now Until 9:35
1.      Read your yellow biography about your god/goddess.
2.     Highlight or annotate details you might want to use on your Barbie.
3.     Go to my blog, and click on the link for “Greek Mythology”.
4.     Do more research on those three sites, so you have plenty of vivid details for your Myth Barbie.

Homework for Tuesday
1.   Myth Barbie Presentation

2.  7,500 grains on free rice

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