Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, April 9th--dedicated to Bruce and Ty! :-)

Writing Lessons
Ø  Writing Lesson #1:          Avoid clichés!
Ø  Writing Lesson #2:          Use Precise Words.
Ø  Writing Lesson #3:          Use Vocabulary Variety.
Ø  Writing Lesson #4:          Revision

Welcome to Creative Writing!                          
Ø Tuesday, April 9th

When You Come In
1.      Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
2.     Please make sure you have a big (not a wimpy baby) dictionary under your desk.

Writing Lesson—Diction = WORD CHOICE
1.   Big Question:  What is diction?
a.     Why is it important?
b.    What does using precise adjectives have to do with diction? (review)
c.     What does avoiding clichés have to do with diction?
d.    What does free rice have to do with diction?
e.     What happens to words over time?
2.  A Bunch of....  (page 18)
a.     Two minutes—match up as many as you can on your own
                                      i.     Start = 10:02; end 10:04-ish?
b.    Two minutes--work with a partner. (10:07-10:09-ish)
c.     Let’s see how we did!

Writing Assignment:  Death of Language (page 19)
1)     Explanation of assignment
2)    Discussion of “A” models
3)    Why you’re using dictionaries for this assignment
4)    Workshop time = Twenty full minutes right now to browse the dictionary
5)    Workshop time tomorrow in class = thirty minutes
6)    By Thursday—have at least ten strong answers (look and sound like examples on page 19) to share on google drive for two other people (sharing in trios) to comment on.
7)    E-mail me if there is someone in class you’d rather not be paired with, if you think your list will be too personal.
8)    By Monday—all twenty words are due, typed, and in the same format as you see in the examples on page 19.
9)    At 10:50, type one of your favorite words below:
a.     Mini Van
b.    Scarce
c.     Pyromania
d.    Wallaby
e.     Xenophobe
f.      Innovation
g.    Become
h.    Memory
i.      Ipse dixit
j.      Aurora
k.     Accentuate
l.      Arcanum
m.   Zimbabwe
n.    Witty
o.    Luminiferous
p.    Truck
q.    Ratchet
r.     conceited

Diction Practice = Free Rice
Ø  Reminder #1:  Make SURE you click on the link on my blog for your class, and make sure that your class group is showing in the right corner of your screen when you play.  Otherwise, I cannot see your grains, and you will not receive any points.
Ø  Reminder #2:  Do not restart at Level 1 every time you play.  Start at the level you stopped at the time before. 
Ø  Reminder #3:  This is an activity that takes you from where you are right now, to as far as you can go—it’s personal.  You are not in competition with others for levels, and what level you’re on is only your business and mine.
Ø  Reminder #4:  The LARGEST INDICATOR of reading comprehension is?  Guess what?  VOCABULARY!  The more you know, the better you comprehend.
Ø  DUE DATE: 5,000 grains by FRIDAY.  (Today is Tuesday.)  J

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