Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Happy Wednesday—January 23, 2013
1:10 Dismissal Schedule  J

When You Come In
Ø  Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.

Free Write #2                                   (10 minutes)
1)          Write for the full ten minutes, without stopping.  (9:23-9:33)
2)         Talk about any topic of your choosing.
Ø  Now, let’s say you have NO idea what to write about, and your mind is a complete blank—what can you do?
Ø  Page 11:  Writing Resistance Topics.
3)        Who will read this Free Write #1?
4)        How will I grade this?
a.         Did you write for the full ten minutes?
b.        Did you write somewhere in the neighborhood of a page?

Sharing Something in the Creative Writing Folder in Google Docs
1.        Anything you put in there can be viewed and/or edited by anyone in this Creative Writing class.
2.       Do not touch anyone else’s work!  This violates the #1 mandate for this class, which is trust.  Be trustworthy.

Cliché Trio Story          (30 minutes)
1)     Use as many clichés as possible to create a fictional story.
2)    Boldface the clichés so they stand out from the story and are easy to count.
3)    Use at least four sentences of dialogue.  Put dialogue in quotation marks.
4)    Type between one and one and a half pages.
5)    Doublespace your story.
6)    Use paragraphs to show the listeners/readers when you’re shifting topics.

v    Read and comment on Free Write #2.

Printing Reminders—Each and Every Time!  J
1)     Have you doublespaced the whole story (no extra spaces between paragraphs though)?
2)    Have you titled it?
3)    Have you paragraphed it?
4)    Do you have the MLA format for heading correctly in your upper left corner?

Ø  Print from the ICON in google drive.  It will pull up a copy in about three seconds, and THEN you can hit “command” “p” to print.
Ø  MAKE SURE YOU PRINT TWO-SIDED!  Please and thank you!

Writing Experiment #5: 
Homework for Thursday
(Save it on your desktop now, if you don’t have internet at home.)

Ø  Select one of the following writing prompts.
Ø  Type for 1 - 2 doublespaced pages.  (Don’t stop at exactly a page!)
Ø  Don’t forget to paragraph!  Guess why?  J

DUE:                  Thursday, 1/24/2013, in the drawer when the tardy bell rings

Option 1:  This I Believe
You probably share a basic outlook on life with your friends.  However, most people have a few beliefs that would shock their friends.  Write about a belief of yours that annoys or surprises the people who are close to you.

Option 2:  Making a Comeback
According to the cliché,
Every setback is an opportunity for a comeback.”

In your life, has this proven true?  Have you always recovered from setbacks?

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