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Cliché Links

Directions for Cliché Prep:
  1. Create a new google doc called "Cliché List".
  2. In the next fifteen minutes, browse the following sites for clichés.
  3. When you find a cliché that particularly strikes you (imagery, accuracy, humor) copy and paste it into a google doc titled "Cliché List".
  4. Number each one as you go.
  5. You need fifteen at the end of fifteen minutes.

Writing Workshop Time:  Cliché Story
1)     One person in the trio CREATE a new google doc.
2)     Share it with the two partners AND with me (“Kerrie Willis”).
3)     Share some of your favorite clichés from your list of fifteen.
4)     Mark any clichés on pages 13-14 you might want to use.
5)     Talk about a possible conflict, or a character.
6)    Start your story! 

Cliché Story Trio Requirements
1)              Use as many clichés as possible to create a fictional story.
2)              Boldface the clichés so they stand out from the story and are easy to count.
3)              Use at least four sentences of dialogue. 
4)              Type between one and one and a half pages.
5)              Doublespace your story.
6)             Use paragraphs to show the listeners/readers when you’re shifting topics.

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