Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday, 1/8/2013

Pass back papers.
Days Left in the Term = 4 (including today)

When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Grab the Autobio Listening sheet off the sign-in table, please.
3.     Get a piece of candy, if you’d like.

Big Ideas for the Week (Next Five Days)
1.       Showing, Not Just Telling
2.      Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety sheet out every day!  
3.      Revision!

SHARING (thirty minutes)
·       Autobiographical Poems (with listening sheet)—daily grade
·       I need a tally-master and a caller (same person).

1st Block

Perfect Moment Revision
1.     Bag your computer for now, if you have it out for some reason.
2.     Pick up your ROUGH DRAFT of the Perfect Moment off the heater now.
3.     Also, pick up the TWO handouts that are on the wooden chair.
4.     Return to your seats, and we’ll review how to do the peer conference.  J
5.     We peer conferenced, then revised to a second draft, and printed that second draft.

2nd Block



When You Come In:  Vocabulary
1.      Does anyone have any Vocab War to put up?
2.     Round One:  Cards on desk, face up
3.     Round Two:  Cards on desk, definition up

Group Work (fifteen minutes)  starting @ 11:40; ending at 11:55
In your same trios I assigned you to Monday, compare notes, and work together to complete the following:
1.     Pages 8-9 in the yellow packet (You won’t finish, but add to what you have thus far.)
2.      page 12 in the yellow packet.

Whole-Class Discussion
What are the motifs we see developing?  We will list them here:
1.      Poverty
2.     Trying to find acceptance
3.     Houses
4.     Growing up
5.     Shoes
6.     Role models
7.     Creepy males
8.     Family
9.     Bums
10.   Clouds and daydreaming
11.    Weakness in role models
12.   Mango Street
13.   Nenny (sisterhood)
14.   Culture
15.   Friendship
16.   Being young
17.   Oldest girl taking care of the family
18.   Names
19.   Responsibility
20.  Sympathy
21.   Being belittled
22.   Disappointment—life not living up to your dreams
23.   Arguments (both friendly and otherwise)
24.  Dreams/expectations
25.   Appreciations (E. WANTS to feel appreciated.)

Quiet Work Time
1.      Read and annotate the last third of the novel.
2.     When you get to page 99, turn to page 16 in your packet, and list examples from this chapter that will help you make inferences (ten total).
3.     Read and consider the “Questions for Class Discussion” on page 16.  We will discuss them in class tomorrow.

Conference with me
1.      Facebook Greek Myth Persona

1.      Study your vocabulary words for fifteen minutes (quiz Thursday).
2.     Read and annotate the last section of Mango (for a homework grade).
3.     Complete page 16 (for a homework grade).

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