Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday, 11/7/2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Tuesday, November 7th, 2012
(Day Eight)
When You Come In
1.                Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.
2.               Staple the Journal #1 handout on top of your Journal #1, then put it in the drawer, if you were absent yesterday—now or never.
3.               Get a loose-end checklist, if you didn’t get one yesterday.

Gentle Reminders
1.      Please do not ask me about what you missed during class.  My mind is focused on today’s lessons and trajectory.  That’s where I need my focus to be.  If you have questions, come in during seminar, please, or e-mail me.
2.     Please do not blurt a question out loud during quiet work time, ever.
3.     Please do not ask me a question until AFTER you’ve done the following:
a.     Checked the screen
b.    Checked the blog
c.     Checked quietly with a neighbor

Open/Ongoing Items
·      Earliest Memory (finalizing Friday)
·      Cliché Story          (finalizing tomorrow; sharing aloud Monday)
·      Around the Block (peer conferencing and revising Friday or Monday)

Housekeeping Item—Another Big Idea Reminder
·      Acceptable Material
·      (Take notes on the inside front cover of your binder.)

Writing Lesson:  Choosing Precise Adjectives (p. 16)
1.      We will conduct several highly scientific experiments.
2.     Revise the sentences here to create a precise image in each sentence.
3.     Seven minutes  Started at 9:55; Ending at 10:02
4.     @10:02-- Trade for two smileys and initials.
5.     Trade THREE TIMES.
6.     Share your STRONGEST answer when your number comes up.

Writing Lesson #2:Vocabulary Variety (red handout)
1.      Put it someplace prominent and safe in your binder.
2.     Use it anytime you have a writing assignment.
ME:  Get them laminated!  I will take them up Friday to do this.

10:10    Sub Prep for Tomorrow

·      Loose-Ends Checklist!  J

Reading for College
Day Eight
November 7, 2012

When You Come In
1.     Please sign in on the clipboard.
2.     Please turn in your signed syllabus.

Focus for the Week:  Minimalism! 

Ernest Hemingway—“Cat in the Rain”
1.     Review your annotations quietly for a minute or two.
2.     Type ONE question or ONE point you want to hear discussed in class here:
a.     Why can’t she get wet?
b.    What color is the kitty cat?
c.     Did the hotel-keeper trick the lady in making the cat disappear?
d.    Where did the keeper find the cat?
e.    Is the cat in the rain a metaphor for her being stuck in a marriage?
f.      Why did they bow down?
g.    Why did he tell her to take her the cat?
h.    Is it an unhappy marriage?
i.      Why is she SOOO obsessed with a darn kitty cat?
j.      Why is the husband only reading?
k.     Is the couple rich or poor?
l.      Why does the wife care so much about the bellhop?
m.  What exactly is minimalism and its relation to this story?
3.     What can we add to our list of what minimalism is?
a.     The writing is very vague and lacks emotion.
b.    Only name given was George.
c.     Author uses many details to describe less important things, and fewer details to the more important things.
d.    Raises unanswered questions.
e.    Repetition.
f.      Simple dialogue.
g.    “Normal” beginning but open-ended.
h.    A feeling as a reader of missing something.
i.      Reader has to fill in a lot.
4.    View Visual Representations—how can an image change and re-focus your thinking?
a.     Wordle
b.    Taxedo

Computer Work
1.     Read Harvard Reading Habit #4:  Look for repetitions and patterns:
2.     Complete the wiki assignment here:
3.     Play free rice until I call time:
a.     Make sure you’re in OUR GROUP.
b.    You need 6,000 total grains donated by class time Friday.

·      Please put your name on your Hemingway story, and put it in the drawer so I can review your annotations.
·      Lay out your twelve vocab cards on your desk, WORD SIDE DOWN.

Vocabulary Practice: 
·      Yee-Haw!  WORD SIDE DOWN

Homework:  Vocabulary
·      Study your twelve words for the vocab quiz tomorrow.
·      6,000 grains on free rice by Friday

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