Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, 11/28/2012

Creative Writing
11/28/2012—Day Twenty
Happy Wednesday!
1:10 Dismissal Schedule

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.

Organization/Begin with the End in Mind
·      Take a look at the big picture for Unit 2—page 33!
·      I know—it’s exciting, isn’t it?! 

Writing Lesson #1--Paragraphing
1.      Beginning a New Paragraph—page 34.  Let’s read it aloud together.
2.     Now practice what you just learned:  put paragraphs into the excerpt from John Green on page 34.  Use the paragraph symbol to show where there should be a paragraph.
3.     Using non-verbal communication and eye contact, get a partner.
4.     Compare your answers with a partner, making changes if needed.
5.     Once partners are finished discussing, look at the author's version of paragraph breaks.
a.     How are yours similar?  Why?
b.     How are yours different?  Why?

Writing Lesson #2—ENDLINE--Making Line Breaks
1.       Read the directions; then I’ll model how to work with partners to complete the assignment on page 35.
2.      Take eight minutes with partners to break the poems into lines, then talk about how and why.  Back at 10:05
3.      Get back together as a class to chat about the hows and whys, after we looked at the authors' original breaks.

Practice On Your Own Work
What strategies and reasons are you using to break your lines in your Prompt Word Poem?

Work Time
·      Prompt Word Poem

·      Prompt Word Poem—due FRIDAY
·      We will fill out the rubric TOGETHER at the first of the block on FRIDAY, so leave it blank for now—but obviously you should consult it as you write and revise this piece!

College-Prep Reading
Day 19--Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Put your name on your vocab card (top one), and put them on my circle table, kitty-korner from the pile before it.  I’ll get them back to you shortly!

College Note-Taking
1.      Look at the notes I took over the lecture yesterday.  (I will upload this to google docs.)  Some of this information will appear on the mid-term next week.
2.     Let’s talk about what I did between the first time I took notes, and today.
3.     Homework: 
o   Listen to the half-hour lecture entitled “Greek Gods #1”.
o   Take notes!
o   Share your notes with me (just me) by classtime Thursday.  You should have at least one full typed page—maybe more—consider my notes from yesterday. 
o   Record and arrange the information you get in a way that makes sense to you, as long as you include all the information from the half-hour lecture.

Class Discussion:  Professor Foster:  It’s Greek to Me
·      If you’ve read closely, you will be able to tell me what all of the following mean, right?  You’d either have them in your head (because you looked them up and remembered what you read), or you’d have annotations about them in your margins.
·      Consider:   why did I want you to Wikipedia as your read and annotated? 
·      Why did I want you to look up all the words and allusions you weren’t familiar with?
1.      John Dryden
2.     Richard Wagner
3.     Toni, Morrison, Song of Solomon
4.     Icarus—He’s so important to the rest of the chapter, isn’t he?  Reading Reminder:  if it’s mentioned more than once, LOOK IT UP!
5.     Peril
6.    “gets all the ink”
7.     Daedalus
8.    Pieter Brueghel—did anyone look at the painting? 
9.    Pathos
10.  Auden’s poem
11.    Williams’s poem
12.   Earnest
13.   Tonto
14.   The Lone Ranger
15.   The Iliad
16.  Homer
17.   Achilles, Agamemmnon, Hector, Ajax, Paris, Helen
18.  Concubine
19.  Virgil
20. Primal
21.   Aeneas
22.  Didi
23.  Jason
24.  Medea
·      Share allusions/references.
·      Share vocabulary.
·      Share connections

Myth Learning:  Gods and Goddesses—LAST CALL!
1.      Continue and finish the Barbie presentations.
2.     Take notes.
3.     As people present, you should CHIME IN with additional details and connections.  Let’s make this interactive.

Myth Learning:  Beasts—LAST CALL!
·      Slideshow presentations

Facebook Assignment—Olympians and Four Titans
The facebook assignment was designed so that you could learning about the Olympians and Titans in an interactive way.  Some of you have made this work for you, and I commend you for that.  Here’s what you should have done:

Once You’ve Friended Everyone
1.      Friend everyone’s myth page with your myth page persona.
2.     Using your Greek Myth Persona (putting on a fictional mask, and speaking as that person/figure), do all the following WITH SUBSTANCE AND ACCURACY:
a.     Post on four people’s walls
b.    Comment on three other people’s pictures.
c.     Complete all family connections.
d.    Perform three other actions of your choice!
e.     Post two status updates.

I will be calling you over to the library one at a time to talk about your facebook profiles, so when you get the card, come on over and talk to me.

By Classtime Tomorrow
·      So that everyone has your information, even if they haven’t been on facebook, I’d like you to do the following:
·      Get on MY Greek Myth Notes, and enter the information for YOUR Olympian or Titan from Facebook. 
·      You’re the expert, so make sure your info is correct and significant.

Homework for Friday
·      Discuss hero page in pink packet
·      Hero Presentation

All Presentations Must Answer All of the Following
1.      What did he/she do to make him/her a hero in the eyes of the Greeks?
2.     What motivated the hero to do these things?
3.     Which god or goddesses helped them?  Why?
4.     Which gods or goddesses harmed them?  Why?
5.     How is this hero connected to ONE MORE (different from #3 and #4) figure from Greek mythology—someone in our master list of figures?

·      Hang on to your FOUR name placards.  We will be using those!

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