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Monday, November 5th, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!
Happy Monday, November 5th, 2012
 (Day Six)

When You Come In
1.                Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.

·       Type up Loose Ends Checklist while you guys are going this.
·       Prepare story-writing trios.
·       Get folders.
·       Copy log-in sheets.

Writing Lesson Review:  Clichés
1.      Why are clichés evil (or just bad for your writing)?
2.     Go on a cliché hunt, following the directions on the blog.
3.     You will create a google doc where you can copy and past the clichés.
4.     You have fifteen minutes to work!

Directions for Online Cliché Hunt
1.      Create a new google doc called "Cliché List".
2.     In the next fifteen minutes, browse the following sites for clichés.
3.     When you find a cliché that particularly strikes you, copy and paste it into a google doc titled "Cliché List".
4.     You need fifteen at the end of fifteen minutes.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO NUMBER THEM.


Collaborative Writing Assignment
1.      Group Cliché Story Models
2.     Group Cliché Story Requirements (page 15)
3.     Writing Workshop Time
_______—Time Started
_______—Time Progress check
_______—Time Another check-in!

Homework for Tuesday
·       Journal #1 (handout) OR SEE BELOW:
1.      I have read page 10 in my textbook about what a journal can be.
a.     Here is the one statement I liked best from that page:
2.     I’ve typed, doublespaced a MINIMUM of one and a half pages on any topic of my choosing.                  
a.     (Keep in mind “acceptable material”.)                   
b.     I can use page 11 in my textbook for ideas, if I want to.
3.     I’ve saved it, printed it FRONT/BACK, and I’ve stapled this sheet (filled out) on top of it, then tossed it into the  drawer.
My journal is               fiction                      nonfiction                     poetry                    combination

Reading for College
Day Six
November 5, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the clipboard.
2.     Please clip your flashcards together, and write your name on the top one, then turn them in.

Journal—Free Write #1  (Title and date it, please.) 
       Write for a full ten minutes on any topic of your choosing. 

·       Check your vocab cards.
·       Return them to you.

·       Let’s pronounce all twelve words, and do a quick synonym check.
·       Study your words tonight—vocab quiz Thursday.

Annotating Reminder:  How We Annotate
·       We need to keep ADDING TO and REFINING WHAT we do when we annotate, or TALK TO THE TEXT.
·       If you haven’t posted here with your trio, you need to do that by classtime tomorrow.  If you were absent Friday, I’ll help you at the end of class today.

New Unit Focus:  Minimalism!  Who’s excited?!  J

Thinking Prompt:  What is a “literary movement”?  Can you think of ones you talked about in American Lit or American Novel?
·       Romanticism
·       Transcendentalism
·       Realism
·       Naturalism
·       Classicism

“Popular Mechanics”—short story by Raymond Carver (started 11:53)
1.      Read and annotate the story.  Make at least ten annotations—but this is only a guideline.
2.     Answer questions 1-5 on a sheet of notebook paper.  Use a complete sentence or two for each one!
3.     Head your paper, “Popular Mechanics” Reading Journal, please.
4.     Please play on FREE RICE until everyone in class has finished 1, 2 and 3.  Make sure you’re in OUR CLASS GROUP!  J (ten-ish minutes)

When We’re All Ready
1.      Discuss #1-5—any disagreements?
2.     Be able to cite the text to support your point.

1.      Get with your group, and create a tableaux.
2.     Fill out your “Dramatic Tableaux” worksheet (ONE per group).
3.     We’ll perform the tableaux pieces in a few minutes!  Yay!
We watched and guess three tableaux today; we'll watch the rest tomorrow.

1.      Vocabulary
a.     Study your twelve words for the vocab quiz Thursday.
2.      “Popular Mechanics” Reading Journal Questions
a.     Type your ONE answers in complete, developed sentences—academic language!
b.     Say what you want to say (what you think), and then say what the story said (textual evidence).
c.     Answer all parts of the question.
3.     6                        =                Morgan and Keri and Kaitlin B.
4.     7                         =                Michael and Allan and Sarah
5.     8                        =                Logan and Brittany and Bridget
6.     9                         =                Gabe and Zuleyma and Jenny
7.     10                      =                My model for you
8.     11                       =                Lauren  and Kaitlin W.
9.     12                       =                Christina and Clay

Here’s my model for what your assignment should look/sound like:

(10)Carver’s story was originally titled, “Mine”. When I read the story, then read the title again, “Mine” is an obvious choice. Both parents were possessive of the child, fighting over the baby like two kids fight over a toy, all the time yelling, “Mine!” That title makes sense, but it doesn’t add a dimension to the story, or make me curious. But “Popular Mechanics” is more subtle. It makes me wonder, Why did Carver title the story this way? What could the title be referring to?

The title of Carver’s story is “Popular Mechanics”. There’s a magazine of the same title, and it features do-it-yourself instructions for home improvement projects. It’s a magazine for people who like to work on things, and for people who like to understand how things work--mechanics. The last third of the story reminds me of a mechanical process when the parents are fighting over the baby: “…he worked on her fisted fingers with one hand and with the other hand he gripped the screaming baby up under an arm near the shoulder”. And the woman’s motions sound similarly mechanical: “She caught the baby around the wrist and leaned back.” Obviously, the ending isn’t about home improvements—it’s the complete opposite, home destruction. And I wonder about the title every time I read this story. I reconsider it every time. I wouldn’t do that if the title was simply “Mine”.

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