Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

·      …no music today.
·      …no online activity, other than PhotoPeach.
·      It is a girl day in the library.
·      Thank you!

Vocab Work
1.      Continue working on, and COMPLETE your PhotoPeach Vocab Slideshow. 
2.     Go over your directions, step by step, on the red handout, one more time, to make sure you have done everything.
3.     You must finish this TODAY; otherwise you will lose points when we view these tomorrow.

When Your Slideshow is Complete
1.      Get a purple handout from Mr. Collins.
2.     Find one person to trade computers with, and watch each other’s slideshow.  You are PROOFING their show.  Fill out the purple sheet for your partner, then give him/her the sheet.
3.     Find a DIFFERENT person, and repeat the process.

After TWO People Have Watched Your Show and Given You Purple Sheets
1.      Make any CORRECTIONS to your slideshow that need to be made.
2.     Write “CORRECTED” on each of your purple sheets, once you make corrections on the slideshow.
3.     Toss them in the drawer.
4.     Put your computer away.

Read and Relax!
·      Fill out your pink sheet, please, as usual.

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