Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, 10/8/2012                                                       Day 33

·       Days left in term 1:                14
·       Last new seating chart!  J  You guys are on the ORANGE sticky note.

What To Do When You Come In
·       Get your pink sheet and your free reading book (usual place).
·       Get your vocab flashcards (sign-in table).

1.      "What are some skills, thought processes, or strategies you use when reading print materials, such as your textbook, a magazine article, or a newspaper article?"
2.     "How do you go about making sense of what you read from a book, a magazine, or a newspape1r?"
·       You and your partner list as many as you can on a shared sheet of notebook paper.  Try to get TEN (10) or more.

·       Sort your brainstorms into categories.

·       Create shorthand symbols to represent each type of skill or thought process on the list.
·       Record the symbol on your copy of the sheet.

·       Anticipation Guide
·       Tea Party
·       Probably Paragraph

Vocabulary Mid-Term:  Wednesday
1.      Review today in class, and out of class on your own.
2.     Check your spellings with your vocab cards at the end.  Correct as needed, three times each.
3.     HIGHLIGHT or note any words that you need to study.
4.     KEEP YOUR VOCAB FLASHCARDS on you, so you can review today and tomorrow.
When You Finish
·       Turn your pre-quiz into the drawer, and grab your pink sheet and book for read and relax.

Read and Relax (Thirty minutes)

Vocabulary Study
1.   Come get your pre-quiz.
2.  Use it and your flashcards to study between now and Wednesday!  J

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