Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, 9/18/2012

Happy Tuesday, 9/18/2012!                                                                                        DAY 19

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.

Strategy Warm-Up:   Mystery Picture Guesses

What We’re Going to To Do—Big Picture
·      Practice the skill of making an inference— An inference is an educated guess about the hidden meaning of something.

Why It Makes You A Stronger Reader
·      You’ll be able to understand and explain the implied meanings of a text, and you’ll be thinking about the text more deeply.

What to Do When I Show You the Mystery Photos
·      Discuss with your partner WHAT you think it is or could be.
·      On your paper, write a GUESS for what the photo could be.
·      Write down at least ONE THING YOU SEE that is your evidence for this guess.
When We’re Done
·      You will have been making inferences when you looked at the pics.

Pre-Reading Strategy:          Tea Party
1.      I’m going to give you an index card with a phrase or sentence from the story we’re about to read.  These are puzzle pieces you have to try to fit together in your mind and on the back of your card.
2.     Here’s what you’re doing to do:
a.     Read your card silently to yourself.  Think about what it might mean for one minute.
b.    Go to a partner, and read it aloud to him/her. 
c.     Now listen carefully as your partner reads aloud to you.
d.    How could the cards be related? 
                                      i.     Opposites?
                                    ii.     Similarities?
                                   iii.     Repeated word?
                                   iv.     Setting element?
                                    v.     Character element?
                                   vi.     Mood?
                                 vii.     Conflict?
e.     On the back of YOUR CARD, write one sentence about how these pieces might fit together, and have your partner sign it.
f.      When I signal you, move to a new partner, and repeat.
g.     With each new partner, talk about any how all the cards are related and what they collectively all might be about.
h.    Add any new ideas you have based on your prior experiences.
i.      Note:  You must work in pairs, not groups.

Once We’re Back in the Whole Group
1.      Discuss what you heard and what connections were made with your card.
2.     Brainstorm possible predictions about the reading they are about to do.
3.     Explain what specific words/phrases/sentences helped create the predictions.
4.     Add any person experience or prior knowledge a student might have shared.
If you do all this you will have…
·      Sequenced events.
·      Considered causes of actions.
·      Considered the effect of those actions.
·      Taken an active role in making meaning well before even reading the story.

·      “The Wife’s Story”, by Ursula K. LeGuin
·      We made inferences on the worksheet.  We stopped and discussed the story in detail as I read aloud.

End of Class
·      1st block—twenty minutes to read and relax
·      2nd block—five minutes to review vocab
·      4th block—ten minutes to review vocab

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