Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday, 9/25/2012

Happy Tuesday, 9/25/2012!                                       Day 24

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Grab a Bookmark Journal #4.
3.     Grab your pink daily reading sheet and your book—thanks!
4.     Make sure your bookmark (with the six categories) is in your book.

Strategy Practice via Bookmark Journal #4
·      Reading Actively—just like yesterday’s mid-term performance assessment.
·      This will take time and brain power, so we’re going to start with this today. 
·      Let me explain what I want you to do, and you will have thirty minutes to read and to complete this bookmark journal.
·      This is a performance assessment—I’m assessing how you do something—i.e. read actively.

Mid-Term Conferences with Me in the Library
·      Your book
·      A pen or pencil

1.      Turn in your book and pink sheet, please. 
2.     Turn your orange sheet into the drawer.
3.     Pick up a new yellow vocab sheet from the circle table.

Vocabulary Instruction—Our Last Two New Words Before Mid-Term
·      Cerebral
·      Lineage

·      Paper pass-back
·      Folder organization
o   By section
o   Then be date, oldest in front

1st Block read for 60 minutes.
2nd Block read for 40 minutes.
4th Block read for 40 minutes.

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