Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, November 4th, 2011


When You Come In
·      Please sign in.
·      Pick up your colored Vocab Variety sheet off the circle table.
·      Sign on to google docs.

Writing Reminder
·       Diction = Word Choice
·       Vocabulary Variety sheet

Collaborative Writing Assignment
·       Cliché Group Writing Assignment (p. 11)
·       Check out a few models of this assignment.

Read to Me
·       Earliest Memory Poem

·       Journal #1
·       Refer to pages 6-7 for help.
·       Handout with requirements


When You Come In
·       Sign in at the circle table.
·       Pick up a yellow sheet off the circle table.

Outline Self-Assessment
1.      Keep your outline over last night’s chapter.
2.     We are passing back the previous three outlines you did.
3.     Complete the Self-Assessment.

·       Update your Vocab War pages!  Remember those bonus pages….
·       We’ll meet in teams today after lunch.
·       Complete the Vocab Sushi Assignment during class today.

KW:  Conferences:  Two Paragraphs and Persuasion Maps for Myth Essay


12:30-12:35                  Housekeeping
·       Papers back and organized in binder
·       Does everyone have his/her Outline Assessment completed, stapled in the CORRECT order, and turn into the drawer?

12:40-12:45                  Vocabulary
·       Team Meeting and Point Totals

12:48-1:10                  Mythology
·       Roman Names of Greek Gods
·       Two more round of flashcards

Homework for Everyone
1.      Vocab Sushi—take your time, and do your best work!  Look up words you need to!  Learn stuff!  
2.     Spend time thinking and “beefing up” your myth essay outline.  We will start writing those next week, and I want everyone to feel organized, clear and ready.  Can you come in during seminar today, if you haven’t conferenced with me yet about your outline?  It will take TWO MINUTES.

Homework for Absent People
·       Make sure you have 36 myth flashcards completed, minimum.  If you’ve been in class, you’ve gotten this done—if you’ve missed some class, you will need to borrow cards over the weekend to catch up.

Homework for Slackers—due by 5PM Saturday if you want any credit at all!

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