Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


We went to Stewart for Day One of our Fluency Final.  We read to classes of kiddos from Pre-K to third grade!  Everyone did a superb job today!  I am so proud of you guys and the way you performed to and interacted with the little kids.

We'll complete our final tomorrow.


When You Come In
1.      Report to Shelby W, and give her a high-five for attendance.
2.     Open up to blue page 13, and review the criteria.
3.     Today—academic thinking, listening, and speaking

Homework Assignment Reminder for Myth Barbies
1.            Your responsibility is to TEACH the vital details about your Barbie figure. 
2.           Consult at least three reputable web sources.  Otherwise, your presentation will be filled with lies and goofiness—which will create problems, since this is a teaching activity.
3.          Look at the grading requirements on page 13 now. 
4.          Hand that sheet in to me at this time, since you’ve already done the Facebook page.

Mortal Heroes—Take notes, and make sure you answer these five questions in your notes:
1.      How are they different from immortals?
2.     What did they do that made them heroes in the eyes of the Greeks?
3.     What motivated them to do these things?
4.     Which gods or goddesses helped them?  Why?
5.     Which gods or goddesses harmed them?  Why?
a.     Achilles—Regan
b.     Atalanta—Cammy
c.     Hercules—Nate
d.     Jason—Gavin
e.     Odysseus—Jared
f.      Perseus—Abby
g.     Theseus—Alex M.
6.     No chatting between presentations—THINK about what you just heard, and write down one connection you see between this character, and something you already knew about Greek Mythology.  Write “Connection:”, and then state your connection in a sentence.  I’ll be looking for this in your notes.

Journal (12:39-12:49)
“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”
--Joseph Campbell

“All actual heroes are essential men,
And all men possible heroes...”
--Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“As you get older, it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary.”
--Ernest Hemingway

1.      Team meetings
2.     Strategy planning
3.     Update point totals

·       Your vocabulary is the LARGEST indicator of your reading comprehension level—scientific research says so.  That’s WHY I am requiring you guys to work a lot with vocabulary acquisition.
·       Update your Vocab War sheets.
·       Bonus words this week:  Greek Glossary
·       Review terms.
·       Meet with Vocab War Teams; plan strategy!

Homework—All Due Thursday
1.      Friend “ARTEMIS OLYMPIAN” with your Greek Persona only!  Do this by 7PM.
2.     And then everyone needs to friend everyone else—Greek Personas only!  I don’t want more than 21 friends on your page!
3.     Using your Greek Myth Persona (putting on a fictional mask, and speaking as that person/figure), do all the following WITH SUBSTANCE AND ACCURACY:
a.     Post on four people’s walls
b.     Complete all family connections
c.     Post a status.
d.     Comment on three of your pics
e.     Plus TWO other ACTIONS
4.     Vocab Sushi Assignment—score counts
5.     Vocab Sushi Quiz—score counts

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