Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, October 21st, 2011


Wecome to Reading!
Friday, 10/21/201
When You Come In
1.           Sign in, please.
2.          Pick up three pink ballots off the circle table.
3.         Turn in your 3-2 rehearsal to the drawer (Homework).

Fluency Prep—Follow the rules, and do your best work!
1.      Fill out the tops of your pink ballots.  These will be rehearsals 1-3, 2-3, and 3-3.
2.     Today, you’re going to read books 1, 2 and 3 to your partner.  You have forty-five minutes to do this.  If you don’t finish, those rehearsals are homework.
3.     Go to your assigned rooms (and no place else), and start rehearsing. 

a.     Señor Wieland’s room
                                      i.     Mariah and Johannah
                                    ii.     Jesus and Dalton
b.    Mrs. Werth’s room
                                      i.     Morgan R. and Haley
                                    ii.     Gabe and Brooks
c.     Mr. Van Weelden
                                      i.     Connor and Jordan
                                    ii.     Morgan C. and Caleb
d.    Ms. Flattery’s Office—shut the door!  J
                                      i.     Matt and Laramie
e.     Student Lounge
                                      i.     Mallory, Flor, Katie
f.      Mr. B’s office—check with Kaylene first!
                                      i.     Bridget and Anna
g.     Monkey Room
                                      i.     Jacob and Alicia
h.    Carpet Corner
                                      i.     Brody and Tyler

Jovany and Lyndsay, ready to Mr. Wieland and Mr. Van Weelden, and Mr. Collins!

·      2nd Block ROOM ASSIGNMENTS
·      (Abby, Dayton and Annika will be absent.)
a.     Señora Schantz’s room
·      Caitie and Melissa
b.    Student Lounge
·      Deshia and Courtney
c.     Mr. B’s office—it’s open, but let Kaylene know you’re going in.
·      Alan S. and Tamera and Alex (since Abby will be absent)
d.    Monkey room
·      Jenny and Tiara and Bailey
e.     Mrs. Moothart’s room
·      Matt and Jase
·      Travis and Kelby
f.      Ms. Flattery’s Office—shut the door!  J
·      Joey and Allan R.

·      1st Block:  Get your blue sheets, and start reading at 9:00.
·      2nd Block:  Get your blue sheets, and start reading at 10:45.
·      We’ll have book chats Monday!

Fluency Homework for Monday
1.      Take two ballots, and your two books that need the most rehearsal.
2.     Complete two rehearsals over the weekend with someone who will do an honest, thoughtful job listening to you.  (Remember that you are reading to WHS staff on Monday.)
3.     If you need more rehearsals, take extra ballots.  I’ll give you extra credit for completing them.

Hello, AP!
Friday, 10/21/2011

When You Come In
·       Please sign in.

Vocabulary Reminder
·       You meet in your Vocab War teams on Monday.  Make sure you have something to show for your weekend!  Use the vocab, and write it down on your sheets!  J

Greek Mythology
1.      Think about the myth figures you’ve researched for the Barbie, for the beast powerpoint, and for your Facebook page.  You’re going to hear about them, and a lot more, in today’s DVD.  Listen for resonances!
2.     Start a new page in your journal entitled “The History Channel’s ‘Gods and Goddesses”.  Your notes (as well as the beast myth notes) will be counted as a daily grade.
3.     You should be able to answer the following questions as the DVD progresses, so READ THESE QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU START THE DVD, PLEASE:
o   What were key themes in Greek mythology?
o   How was the world created?
o   Who were the important gods and goddesses?  What were their powers?
o   What was life like before humans were created?
o   What were the early races like?
o   Compare and contrast stories from Greek mythology and from the Bible.
o   How are women viewed in Greek mythology (Pandora; Aphrodite; Athena)?
o   How did the Greeks view the natural world?  How are natural events (seasons, storms, draught, etc.) explained?
o   What is the story of Herakles/Hercules?
o   Who were the Greek heroes?  What did a person have to do to be a hero?
o   What is the story of Oedipus?
o   How important is fate?
o   What are the differences between humans and gods/goddesses?  What are the similarities?
o   What are the sacred places in ancient Greece?
o   What was the purpose of the Olympics?
o   What is the story of the Trojan War?
o   What was an oracle?
o   What was the underworld like? 
o   Who was Tantalus?
o   What purpose did mythology serve for the ancient Greeks?
o   What was the role of performance and theater?
4.     Take notes over the DVD.  Pause the movie as needed for discussions, or to catch up with note-taking. 

1.      Create your Facebook page.  Title it “Artemis Olympian”, or something equlally obvious.  Make sure your figures name is the FIRST NAME in the Facebook name.
2.     Check out mine as a model:
3.      You must include a MINIMUM of all the items on page 14 on your Facebook page.
4.     You page must be up and ready to view by MONDAY, 10/24/2011.
5.     Vocab Sushi

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