Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


Due--Writing Experiment #10
o   Check for correct MLA format.
o   Print (front and back), and put it in the drawer, please.
o   Then CLOSE your iBook for the first part of class.

Reflection and Portfolio-Thinking—BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND!
o   Do a folder log-in.  Take a look at everything you’ve done so far this term.
o   What items do you think are your strongest?
o   Which ones do you think need revision?
o   Take a look at your mid-term.
o   What do you still want to do this term?
o   What do you want to do for your portfolio?
o   Now watch the portfolio slideshow.  Let’s talk about some ideas you have.

Sharing—Autobiographical Poems
o   Share your poem aloud, when it’s your turn.
o   Be a good listener for everyone.
o   Daily Grade—fill out the listening sheet, and make comments.

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