Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011



  • "A Confusing World"

Children's Story

  • We talked about using iPhoto or making books by hand.  Everyone voted to construct the books by hand.
  • I conferenced with everyone about her Facebook character profiles.
  • I scanned two pieces of art in for each person, just to get you guys started.
  • Everyone will need to scan all his/her art during classtime over the next week.
  • We had worktime to create the storyboard and/or the two illustrations that are due tomorrow.
  • We went over the tips for writing a children's story.


  • completed storyboard
  • two additional illustrations, created by you


Here's the agenda we used in class today:

Please put your Simile Creation Sheet in the drawer.
I will have them copied for you by tomorrow.

Finish sharing the AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL POEMS on the big screen. (all of us)
Please continue to be as kind and respectful as you’ve been during our previous two times of sharing these.  Thank you in advance! (all of us)
Input daily grade for reading your poem aloud. (me)
Finish notes over these, then put them in the drawer for a daily grade. (you)

Workshop Time
Go over rubric for the Sense Poem with me, then make any final revisions you need to earn yourself a “4” for every item on the rubric.
Fill out the rubric, and staple it on top of the final copy, then put it in the drawer, please.
See me when you’re done, and I will match you up with a partner for the conference over the Early Memory.
Follow the directions for the peer conference (handout), please.
Rubrics are on my desk—but keep in mind, you’re not filling them out today—but you need to LOOK at the rubric and THINK about the rubric, because that’s what I will grade you on TOMORROW when you do your final.  Create your SECOND DRAFT NOW.

Paper pass-back and folder log-in.
After you get papers back and logged in, please put a star by any pieces you’re considering using for your portfolio (You need ten—more if fine, but less is not.)
Portfolios are due THURSDAY, March 24th.


I gave the following reminders in class today:

Reminders to Stay Organized and Be Responsible for Your Grade
1. We have three weeks left in the term.
2. I will only accept ONE book review the last week/four days of the term, per person.
3. What does this mean logistically?  Probably that you can do ONE report this week, and ONE next week, and ONE the final week.
4. You received a grade printout yesterday.  You should have looked over it carefully.
5. If you need to talk to me about your grade, or the status of your book reports, you must do so today.
6. If your yellow sheet is not updated, you must update it today.

We read for about seventy-five minutes today.

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