Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


Children's Story

  • We took our trip to Stewart to spend forty minutes with our writing buddies today.  
  • When we got back to school, we talked about progress, problems and plans.
  • I showed what a keepsake book looked like in iPhoto, and Abbie checked to make sure student computers do have iPhoto.
  • I read last year's recommendations about writing the children's story, and we talked a little about how things are going thus far.
Due Dates
  • Due tomorrow, Wednesday--"A Confusing World" poem (p. 6)--twenty lines, minimum
  • Due tomorrow, Wednesay--all completed Facebook Character sketches
  • Due Thursday--lesson plan for Friday
  • Due Friday--completed storyboard

Here's today's agenda:
Tuesday, March 1st
·      Please put Journal #3 in the drawer.  Thanks!

Pair-Share, Part II (continued from yesterday; same partners)  11:25-11:33
n    Metaphors and similes are supposed to make your writing stronger—but sometimes, despite our best efforts, our metaphors and similes go wrong.
n    With your same partner from yesterday, read the directions at the top of page 63. 
n    Follow the directions as you read pages 63 and 64 together.

Class Discussion
n    Let’s quickly discuss your responses from Pair-Share.

Writing Lesson
Simile Creation!
·      Yesterday you practiced creating similes from those two lists, and then you wrote a rough draft of your Simile Poem.  You know the RIGHT way to create similes.  J
·      And after today’s discussion, you know the WRONG way to create similes.  L
·      So grab a Simile Creation sheet, and get into your own personal zone—no collaboration—and start creating similes that you feel are detailed and vivid. 
·      Go in any order you want, but by the start of classtime tomorrow, I will take a grade for you having all twenty thoughtfully and completely filled out.
·      Workshop Time:  20 minutes  (Any and all remaining is for homework tonight.)

Writing Warm-Up  (Don’t ask millions of question—just start writing your list!  J )
·      Right now, on a sheet of paper, in the five minutes (until 12:37) I will give you, write a list of specific memories (occurring in an hour or less) from between the ages of five (kindergarten) and eight (third grade).
·      The memories can be happy or sad, silly or confusing—they just have to be memories of yours from when you were a kid.
·      Possibilities (anything/everything you think of, plus any and all of the following)
o   A holiday moment
o   A time you got caught
o   A time that made you laugh a lot
o   A time that made other people laugh a lot
o   A moment with a friend
o   A time you made a discovery

Writing Assignment
·      Early Memory (pages 45-6)
·      What’s the perspective?              Your eight year-old (or child) self!
·      Whose the audience?              Our eight year-old writing buddies
·      Workshop Time:                          20 minutes
·      Saving:                                     In your own Student Volume. 
·      Printing:                                      front and back to room 212—by 1:15, unless you’re going                                                             to work on it during seminar; drop it in the drawer,                                                             please.
·      Goal:                                                  one full page, typed and doublespaced, w/dialogue, in                                                             present tense, sounding like a kid!
·      Sharing:                                      We will share our rough drafts with one other person                                                             tomorrow in class.
·      Once you’ve printed out your Early Memory and put it in the drawer, you can work on your SIMILE CREATION sheet, if you still need to (due tomorrow, completed).
  • The usual!  :-)

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