Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011



  • I went over the seven-day plan for the rest of the term.
  • We clarified all deadlines and timelines.

Workshop--People worked on the following, dependent on need:

  • scanned pages for the children's stories.
  • printed children's story pages.
  • reviewed their peer conference comments from the short story.
  • worked on their short story.
  • worked on their children's story.
  • Continue working on the above items.
  • Your short story AND your children's story are both due tomorrow.
  • Get the short stories to me at 8:05 so I can get them copied, please!

  • Everyone created a "Getting Organized" checklist.
  • We started out by reviewing Friday's blog--anyone who had NOT completed an item on Friday's block wrote down the item on his/her checklist.  
  • We wrote for a few minutes about what we'd accomplished on our portfolios (based on the assignments listed on Friday's blog).
  • We quickly got into quartets and talked about our portfolio.
  • I handed back Perfect Moments (first drafts), as well as a checklist for what to do to revise them from first to second draft.
  • People worked on creating a solid second draft, and on completing the checklist.
  • I matched people up with peer conferencers--the directions to follow were on the handout (extras on yellow board behind Gavin).
  • Work on your portfolio!  It's due in eight days.
  • I had people review and then re-evaluation their WWYLN? stories, then hand them back in.  For the four of you who were absent, here are the directions:
WWYLN? Self-Grading
1)            Re-read the WWYLN? FINAL DRAFT RUBRIC. 
2)            Carefully read your WWYLN?
3)            Please a NUMERAL in each blank that accurately reflects your work on that items. 
4)            Use a MARKER, and make the numeral BIG, because you’ll be writing over your old evaluations, in some cases!
·      4 = went above and beyond what was required; my work shows careful thought and effort
·      3 = I met the requirements competently—did what was asked of me
·      2 = I made some effort to complete the requirement, but I didn’t quite make it.
·      1 = I didn’t do this item at all.
TURN IN:  To the folder labeled “WWYLN” on the circle table.

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