Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011


  • We had about fifty-five minutes to read today.


Peer Conferencing

  • We had our last peer conference over Revised Poem #2 today.
  • People who have been absent played catch-up and conferenced as needed.
  • People started finalizing their four revisions today.  All four revisions are due at the end of the block tomorrow, Wednesday.
  • Portfolio!  Review the orange pages in your book for requirements and grading!

I'm copying and pasting today's checklist here:

AP Final Preparation

Tuesday, 1/11
Today needs to be serious, organized, focused and quiet.  
Spread out so that no one is immediately seated next to you.
Talking to people around you, coming back tardy from lunch, working on anything other than the items below—these actions will automatically earn you a ten-point deduction off your final preparation grade.
When you come back from lunch, quietly go right to work.  
We will eat “C” lunch tomorrow so that we have the whole block, uninterrupted, for the final.  

Vocabulary Test
Spend no more than thirty minutes on this.  Bring it to me at the back table when you finish, then work your way down the rest of the checklist.

Socratic Seminar Fishbowl Final
All preparation for this final must be done today in class.  (And you will have five minutes at the start of class tomorrow to organize your notes and thoughts).  
Anything you do outside of class (discussing the poem, researching online, writing more notes) constitutes cheating—so don’t cheat.

Final Preparation Checklist
_______I have read the guidelines for the Socratic Seminar.
_______I have read and understand the Expectations of Participants.  I know what I have to do to get the grade I want.
_______I have read “Poetry Analysis—TP-CASTT.
_______I have read and reviewed Shelby’s annotations on “Sailing to Byzantium” to get an idea of the detail Ms. Willis expects on my final prep.

My signature here indicates I understand what is required of me for this final, and I understand that any preparation done outside of class will constitute cheating, earning me an “F” on the final:__________________________________________.

Poem Annotation
1. Bring me this sheet to show me you’re ready to prep. I’ll give you the poem you need.
2. Annotate your copy of the poem, like Shelby did.
3. Take notes (or use the pink page in the packet) to prepare your TP-CASTT analysis.

Annotation Conference
I will call you back one at a time for that.  Bring your white sheet, filled out, and your two books.

End of Class—At 1:10, do all the following:
Paperclip your packet, annotated poem, and notes together, and put them on the back circle table.  I will keep them for tomorrow’s discussion.
Pick up your Graduation Essay off the back circle table.
Fill out the evaluation for the Vocabulary War packet, and staple it to the top of your green packet and notes.  Leave it on the back circle table.
Book Club Book Turn-In--Write your name inside the front cover of your book, then leave it on the back circle table for me.  I will review your annotations, then give it back to you.  (I already have all your notes and your packet.)

Homework Tonight
Work on revising and finalizing your final copy of the Graduation Essay/Speech (due Thursday).

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