Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

  • I finished conferences with everyone.
  • We read for about seventy-five minutes today.


Due:  Revised Prose #1

Here's the checklist we worked through in class today:

Peer Conferencing
1. Label your second draft “SECOND DRAFT” in big letters across the top.
2. Lay your second draft on top of your first, so I can easily see it when I come around to check.
3. Pick four questions from “Having a Writing Conference with Yourself” to write down on your Peer Conference Sheet for Revision.
4. Look at Ryan and Kailey’s conference with me, so you can see what an excellent peer conference looks like.
5. Know what a strong peer conference is
a. at least TEN constructive comments on the person’s draft,
b. AND you answer all four questions on the Peer Conference Sheet
6. The quality of work you do on this is worth 20% of your entire revision grade—so it’s huge.
7. Editing:  punctuation; spelling/typos; grammar; MLA format; paragraphing;
8. Staple your Revised Prose #1 like this:
a. Second Draft (on top)
b. Peer Conference Sheet (in middle)
c. First draft (on bottom)
9. Make an even trade with someone, and thoughtfully complete a peer conference over Revised Prose #1!
10. Once you get your prose back from your partner, give it to me.  I will check over it, then get it back to you later in the block.

Writing Workshop—Revise Prose #2
1. Read over Having a Writing Conference with Yourself.
2. Put a star by five questions you’d like to answer when you create your second draft of Prose Revision #2.
3. Get out Prose Revision #2.
4. Open up your iBook file, and hit “TRACK CHANGES”.
5. REVISE to a second draft, making a MINIMUM of ten changes.
6. Save and print!  Keep your two drafts save until tomorrow.  (We’ll peer conference tomorrow.)

Leave the MLA format ON all your revisions.  That’s part of the editing grade.
Later in the week, when you are printing things for your PORTFOLIO, REMOVE the MLA format for the heading.  And change the spacing and font to be whatever you want them to be.


  • Revised Prose #2
  • Portfolio


Book Club
  • We discussed what's working well in our groups currently.
  • We met with our groups for twenty minutes of discussion.
  • We assigned page numbers and roles for tomorrow.
Graduation Essay
  • I passed back rough drafts, then reminded everyone that almost-final drafts are due MONDAY, with at least ten strong revisions.
  • We took the pre-test to review for the "for-real" final vocab test on TUESDAY.
Independent Reading
  • We read our Book Club books.
  • Book Club reading
  • Book Club blue sheet preparation
  • Graduation Essay
  • Vocabulary War packet--filling it out--final due Tuesday

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