Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

  • The Usual!

  • We took on a PERSONA today; we wore our fictional masks.
  • Today's activities were top-secret.  Amanda and Travis, e-mail me for details, or talk to me tomorrow.  :-)
  • None


Critical Approach
  • We heard about the Mythological approach today, and we discussed it in light of Frankenstein.
The Victorian Age
  • We continued checking our answers from the scavenger hunt, and we took notes.
A Christmas Carol
  • I went over the structure of the book, read the preface aloud, then read a few pages from Stave 1.
  • I explained the wiki assignment.
  • We had thirty minutes in class to read and/or post the wiki assingment, as well as fill out our character sheets.
Animal Farm
  • We took the final quiz over the novel, and we took the final quiz over the vocabulary.
  • Finish reading Stave 1 (pages 1-16).
  • Take character and vocabulary notes on that white handout I gave you today.
  • Post on the wiki.

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