Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday, December 14th


  • The usual!


Imagery Notes

  • We talked about what personification is, and we looked at a poem about trees by William Carlos Williams. We pointed out and discussed HOW Williams was personifying the trees.
  • We revised the five sentences on page 6 by using personification, and we shared our answers.

Writing Experiment #12

  • We wrote a quick poem about an animal or object, and we used personification to create a picture of the animal/object.


  • I handed out the requirements for the Love Is Like Revision, and I went over them.
  • I handed out the Simile Suggestions, and we looked over all the suggestions for Paige's poem.
  • We talked about how and why they worked, or if they needed more detail.
  • We had half an hour to complete our revision and turn it in.
  • I made sure I had pen pal letters, coloring pages, and trinkets from everyone!
  • None, unless you needed to finish your Love Is Like poem revision.


The Victorian Age, Charles Dickens, and A Christmas Carol
  • We spent all our time before lunch on the scavenger hunt to start learning what life was like for Victorians.
  • After lunch, we spent fifteen minutes checking our answers.
Animal Farm
  • I passed out Mr. Hoover's powerpoint, and we spent five minutes going ove rit.
  • Biographical Approach--we spent five minutes discussing the resonances between Orwell's life and Animal Farm.
  • We talked a little about fable and satire.
  • I talked with five people about their Vocab War progress, their "Harrison Bergeron" wiki posts, and their notes from yesterday.
  • I talked about the state of Vocab War, I handed a sheet for reflection and team meeting guidelines, and then we had five minutes to get into our groups and confer and strategize.
  • Study for the Animal Farm final quiz (tomorrow).
  • Study of the Animal Farm vocabulary quiz (tomorrow).

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