Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to Second Term!


We had lot of business to conduct, and here's what we did:
  • Welcome!
  • We wrote down the best book we ever read, and they we shared our title with the class.
  • We wrote down what we thing strong readers do, and then we shared one of our answers with the class.
  • I talked about the book guidelines.  (I'll go over rules and regulations tomorrow.)
  • I talked briefly about some of the recommended books I have from previous classes.
  • I showed how the books are arranged in the room.
  • We browsed in the room for books.
  • We read for approximately 33 minutes.  :-)
  • We filled in our pink daily reading sheets.



Free Write #1
  • We wrote for ten minutes on a topic of our choosing, and then we handed in the free write.
  • I handed out the orange portfolio section of the book, and we partnered up and looked at old portfolios and filled out page 21.  After break we talked about page 21.  (Begin with the end in mind.)
Independent Reading
  • We read Earthbook for fifteen minutes, and I went over the handout for the EB reading.  (due Friday)
  • People wrote down questions they had about the class, and I answered many of them the last few minutes of the block.
  • I handed out the cover, the first unit, and the portfolios pages of the textbook for our class.
  • None


  • Oedipus essays
  • We talked for half an hour about scholarships, who gets them, and why.
  • We went to Kum and Go for a drink.
  • I passed out the Frankenstein packet, and we pronounced all the new vocabulary words.
  • We looked up the twenty-five new words and recorded them on our vocab logs.
Writing Conferences
  • I had writing conferences with Marissa, Yahdidah, and Tyler.
  • Finish defining the twenty-five Frankenstein vocab words.

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