Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


  • We got papers back, and we filed them in our binders.
  • We made new sticky notes for the new seating chart.
  • I called people back one at a time and when over their independent reading grades with them.
  • We learned two new words:  AUSTERE and CATALYS.
  • I passed out and explained the vocabulary grids.
  • We spent some time together recording all eleven words on the vocab grids, complete with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and picture.
Six-Way Paragraph
  • We discussed and checked "The First National Monument", then handed it in.
Independent Reading
  • We had thirty-five minutes for reading.
  • Read for forty-five minutes at home this weekend.  Record your time and pages, and get a signature on your pink reading make-up sheet.


  • We traded anonymous copies of your Random Autobiographies for comments.
  • We thought back on what we'd done the first two weeks of class, and we got in trios to jot down some notes about what we've learned thus far, and what we think is important in this class.
Greek Mythology Introduction
  • I pulled up last year's wiki posts about myth and figures from Greek mythology.  We read over them and discussed them, and I answered questions about the assignment (due posted on the wiki by classtime Tuesday).  We agreed that we should spend an hour browsing the sites and exploring figures of Greek mythology.
  • See above, then go to the wiki.

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