Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday, August 24th


Here's is the agenda we followed today:

Click on this link to take the informal reading inventory:

  • You will have eight minutes to answer as many questions as you can correctly.
  • I will use your score as a dipstick check to see where you are right now.  I will use the same check in week nine to see how much you've grown as a reader.
  • Flag me down when you're ready to show me your score, and I'll come over and record it.
Now click on the link below:

  • Create an account by clicking on the tab "Students Sign Up Free".
  • Under "Choose your test", check the "ACT" option.
  • Follow the directions to take the quiz, and the site will level your vocabulary.  Once you have your level, bring it back and show it to me.  Then you can explore the site and play games, take more quizzes, or study your word list.
Independent Reading
  • We read for thirty minutes today.
*I continued chatting with people one-on-one about how the reading is going, how class is going, and what they wrote in their letter to me.


  • Ten annotations over Nabokov's Good Readers, Good Writers
  • We spent fifteen minutes on Vocab Sushi today. 
Good Readers/Good Writers
  • We got back with our partners from the brainstorming lists, and we typed up our comments and saved them to the Student Volume in the AP folder.
  • We discussed the Nabokov piece, sharing our annotations.
  • I explained part of the Reading Journal procedure, and we discussed the Reading Journal questions for the Nabokov piece.
  • Good Readers/Good Writers Reading Journal, Questions 1-6 and 10 (seven questions total)

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