Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, August 23rd--Happy First Day of School! :-)


  • I explained the agenda--its purpose and location.
  • Why are we in this class?  I explained how people are selected for the class, and that nine weeks from now, we're all going to be stronger readers.
  • How do we talk to Ms. Willis?  I went over the right way and the wrong way to approach me with questions and concerns.  Thanks to Shannyn (1st) and Colin (2nd) for helping me out.
  • We wrote questions we each had about class; then we pair-shared about what questions we have about class.  Finally, I answered people's questions.  (I will need to finish this tomorrow.)
  • Everyone wrote a letter to me about what I need to know about them in order to work better with them in class.
Big Ideas
  • Why do we do what we do in this class?  Because research says it works.  (For each activity we did today, I explained WHY we were doing it, why it works.)
  • We learned two new words:  NOVICE and ADVERSITY. 
Independent Reading
  • We spent ten minutes or so reading Earthbook as a way of finding out what "Just Right Reading" is--finding a text you can read easily and comfortably.


  • I reminded everyone about what the agenda is, and why it's there.
  • I told everyone what supplies were needed:  binder; spiral; five dividers; highlighter.
Big Ideas
Wikispace--I explained the benefits to using our site:
  1. It allows everyone an equal chance to speak and be "heard".
  2. It encourages listening--you have to read each other's comments.
  3. It provides for continuation of or preparation for class discussions.
  4. It provides a break from the Reading Journal, with less formality.
What Do We Want Out of AP English?
  • We discussed people's wallwisher responses.  We will come back to these goals throughout the term.
What does a good reader do?  What does a good writer do?
  • We discussed each of these in pair-shares, and we'll discuss them in more detail tomorrow.
  • I explained the purposes of the site, and everyone created an account, took the placement test, then started playing games and exploring the site.  I recorded everyone's beginning level. We'll use this site weekly--our goal being growth in our vocabulary.

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