Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010


·     Journal #3—Please put it in the drawer!  Thanks!

·     Pick up your papers off the circle table—there are many miscellaneous items there, and everyone’s I AM A TOASTER is also there.
·     Log items into your folder as needed, please.

Writing Lesson—Metaphors and Similes
·     Let’s discuss page 62.
·     Let’s talk about some of the examples on page 63.
·     Now, we’ ve been talking about how much STRONGER metaphors and similes can make your writing, but what happens when metaphors and similes go wrong?  With a partner of the opposite gender, follow the directions on page 64, and complete the assignment (pages 64-5).

Writing Assignment—I AM A TOASTER (Revision)
·     Now, grab your I AM A TOASTER poem, and revise it, using the following for help.
1.  Include MORE metaphors, OR extend your metaphor. 
2.  Include some of the negatives of your metaphor, as well as the positives.
3.  Clarify any metaphors that are muddy.
4.  Put your lines in the ORDER you feel is best for the poem to make sense and to be dramatic.
5.  Give the poem a title—something other than “I Am a Toaster”, please.  J
6.  Print the revision. 
7.  Staple it to the top of the rough draft.
8.  Put it in the drawer.

·     We are going to Stewart tomorrow to listen to and type stories for our buddies.

·     Look at what an in-progress portfolio is—Darrale.
·     Look at Table of Contents ideas (p.13).
·     Seniors—Portfolios due FRIDAY
·     Juniors—Portfolios due THURSDAY, June 3rd—NO EXCEPTIONS!
·     In-Class Revisions of Six Pieces—Wednesday, 5/26-Wednesday, 6/2
·     Read pages 10-11 in your book (McKenzie’s Portfolio Reflection).
·     Underline or highlight five things that help you understand McKenzie’s thinking.
·     Write down two things you learned from her reflection—two things that might be helpful to you as you start your porfolio.  (Write them down on page 11, please)

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