Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Children's Stories
  • We went to Stewart, and we read our stories to our buddies, and they read their papers to us.  
  • None
  • We worked on the checklist (below) until 12:30.
  • At 12:30, we had a paper pass-back, and we reviewed our grades, then wrote our mid-term reflections.
  • Homework = TWO (2) more illustrations for your children's story

HACAW Workshop—Children’s Story

Homework Due:
·      Facebook Profile—pass forward now; I’ll return it to you in fifteen minutes or so.

Thoughtfully and carefully complete all items by 12:30 and put this checklist in the drawer, please.

_______1)            Review your storyboard.

_______2)            Review our master list of what can make a good children’s story.

_______3)            Review the orange rubric for how I’ll evaluate your book

_______4)            Type your story:  doublespaced; 1 ½ - 2 ½ pages

_______5)            Print a copy out, and label it “Rough Draft”.

_______6)            Trade with Partner #1. 
            Write comments on each other’s drafts about the following rubric items:
·      Plot Development
·      Use of Literary Devices
·      Grammar and Spelling                                               

_______7)            Sign the draft you read.

_______8)            Read your conferencer’s comments, then put the R/D in the drawer.

_______9)            Read through three children’s stories written by first block to see a variety of layout ideas.

Author or Book
Things You Learned—Layout, Design, Binding, Etc.



______10)            Create two more full-page illustrations, or four more half-page illustrations for key elements in your story.


Favorite Historical Figure:_____________________________________________________________________

Favorite Dance Move:_________________________________________________________________________

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