Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday, 1/6/2010

  • I continued conferencing and having book chats with people.
  • We read about seventy-five minutes today.

  • Everyone put a question he/she has from pages 3-21 in The Sound and the Fury, and we discussed them as a class until we answered--or attempted to answer--them all.
  • We had about twenty-five minutes left for reading the novel independently.  
  • Read though page 41 for tomorrow.
  • Revise your Graduation Essay to an almost-final draft for FRIDAY.

Peer Conferencing--Revised Poem #3
  • We filled out a peer conference sheet for Revised Poem #3 using the questions on page 86.
  • We labeled and stapled our Revised Poem #3.
  • We made even trades for our peer conferences.
Revising Prose
  • We read the revised memoir on pages 81-2.
  • We read the questions to help ourselves revise PROSE on page 83.
  • We started revising Prose #1, making at least ten changes.
  • Revise Prose #2, making at least ten changes.
  • NOTE:   When you walk into class tomorrow, you need to have a REVISED, CLEAN draft of Prose #1 and Prose #2.

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