Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, 11/15/2009 (shortened classes due to BREAK!)


  • We partied for half an hour, then read for half an hour.
  • I had a conference with pretty much everyone about how the reading is going, and what he/she is reading over break.


  • We handed in Free Write #6.
  • We put the Death Sentences up on the Big Screen and shared them as a way to say good-bye to this unit.
  • I handed out George Orwell's Animal Farm, and I had everyone mark several readings.
  • Homework:  Read pages 100-113, the section about Russian and Communism.


  • I explained the Theme for English B assignment on page 46.  I put up several models from previous years, and I read them allowed.
  • We put up the Autobiographical Poems on the Big Screen, and each person read his/her own, and then we commented about things we learned about each writer.  We will continue this on Tuesday.
  • I expplained the Reality TV Journal assignment (p. 47), and we added some shows to our list of choices to write about.


  • #1--Theme for English B
  • #2--Reality TV Journal

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