Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday, 11/12/2009

  • We read for about seventy minutes.
  • Half the class gave book quick-chats.
  • I reminded everyone to bring money and a library card tomorrow.


Villanelle Sharing
  • I handed out and explained the Villanelle Guesses sheet.
  • I read each villanelle aloud, and people jotted notes and guesses about the poem and its author.
  • When I finished reading, we guessed whose was whose.
Essays on Poetry--Read and Summarize (In-Class Work Time)
  • While I got the RJs organized and started reading them, people read Robert Frost's "The Figure a Poem Makes" (pp. 107-8), highlighting and annotating main points, questions, arguments and agreements.
  • People got iBooks and typed the five main points (relevant and powerful to each reader) of the Frost essay.
  • They did the same for the five main points of the Vendler essay, "About Poets and Poetry" (pp. 99-103).  
  • Some people finished, but most did not, so we will allow ten minutes of classtime tomorrow to conclude the point-listing.
  • None--but the dress rehearsal of the play is tonight, so check it out, if you can, at 7:30.


Homework Due
  • Death of Language/List of Twenty Words
  • We finished guessing and revealing the secrets.  :-)
  • We looked at page 3, and, as a class, we answered all the questions on that page about what this unit has been about.  Good job!
  • I put four seniors in charge of the small sharing groups, and we selected the groups.
  • We passed back papers, and we logged in our writing to the manila folder.  We also selected three things we might want to read in small sharing group tomorrow.
  • I called each person in class back so he/she could read me the earliest memory poem.  We talked about which version was more effective, and why.
  • Everyone got onto this blog to see how to check for assignments when absent.
Writing Assignment
  • Where Were You Last Night?  (handout)  I explained how to start the assignment, and I read Nicole's story as a model.  We had thirty minutes to type our stories, and most people had time to swap iBooks with someone and comment on his/her story as well.  Everyone saved the first draft.  We'll let it sit for a few days, and return to it on Monday.
  • None

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