Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, 11/23/2009

  • Everyone shared something he or she is thankful/grateful for.  
  • People read for about seventy minutes.
  • I conferenced with everyone I didn't get to talk to on Friday.


"Lamb to the Slaughter"
  • We had an informal discussion about the story.  Many people enjoyed it, but others were weirded-out by it.  
Literary Movements
  • I put "Realism" up on the big screen, and we went around the room and let each person contribute a characteristic of Realism that he/she found in researching last wee.
  • I did the same for "Naturalism.
  • We compared Frankenstein (Romantic) to "To Build a Fire" (Naturalistic), and we talked about a few key differences/oppositions.
  • We talked about the literary movements we've discussed this term, and we put them up on a continuum.
William Faulkner and "A Rose for Emily"
  • On the big screen I took notes as each person in class contributed a fact about the man or his writing.
  • I explained the margin notes for the short story.  I want everyone to read closely, and to use the information in the margins for guidance.  I also pointed out the time chart on page 152 and noted that it would probably be helpful in their reading of the story.  We had twenty full minutes to read, highlight, and annotate, and I did a writing conference with Allison. 
  • Finishing reading, highlighting and annotating "A Rose for Emily", pages 139-152.


Homework Due
  • Journal #3
Autobiographical Poem
  • I put snipppets of people's poems up on the big screen, and we discussed them, focusing on the following:  use of vivid detail, creativity, effective line breaks, and strong titles.
  • I went over the rubric for the assignment.
  • People made a second draft of their poem, filled out their rubrics, then turned them in.
Holiday Writing--Assignment Follows

Holiday Memories

Question 1
What things were you most curious about when you were in first or second grade, regarding Santa, his reindeer, elves, the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, etc?

Question 2
What jobs need to be done at the North Pole?  Looking at it from a practical standpoint, what does Santa need help with?

Question 3
If you were Santa’s helper, what job would you enjoy most, and why?

Write for seven minutes on the three questions above (2:55).

Once we’ve had seven minutes to write, you’re going to pair share, then share with the whole class.

  • Update your folder log-ins!
  • None

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