Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday, 2/18/2009


Mid-Term Exam
  • We took the mid-term final exam, including writing the good reader essay in class.
  • Some people had time left, so they started on their mythology powerpoints, which are due Monday.

  • Write your Frankenstein essay.  It's due Friday.
  • Research your god, goddess, hero or myth, and put the info into a powerpoint.  (See me for a yellow handout on this, if you didn't receive one today, please.)

Showing, Not Just Telling
  • We looked at page 51, the intro. page to the new unit, and we talked about what some of those questions meant.
  • We took notes on page 52 (for a daily grade) on the Least Vivid to Most Vivid section, and on the Sandra Cisneros sentence section.
  • We looked at Vocabulary Variety on pages 60-61, and we each shared a word we thought was powerful.  We dog-eared these pages as a valuable resource for writing from here on out.

Writing Assignment
  • We read the Sense Poem models on page 62.
  • We took twenty minutes to type our own rough drafts, and we turned them in.

Life at Thirty
  • I read aloud seven of the Life at Thirty pieces, and people in class jotted down details from the pieces that would help them figure out the authors.  After I read the all (tomorrow and Friday), we'll go through them and see who was able to guess correctly based on the details.

  • Theme for English B (See yesterday's blog for page number, etc.)

  • We started the block with some Brain Pain--Missing Halves and  Scrabble.  See a classmate for the assignment when you get back, please.  We recorded these in our daily notes.  This stretched into half the block, as some people refused to give up without a fight.  :-)  (Yes, it's a cliché.)

Writing Assignment
  • We read a chapter from Art Spiegelman's Maus II.  It's a graphic memoir.  We talked about various elements of a comic that make it different from a text-only narrative.  We looked at page M8 in the textbook.  I asked that everyone have an idea for a graphic memoir tomorrow, a story they could tell in no less than six panels.  

Writing Workshop
  • We had twenty minutes left to finish the Extended Metaphor Poem, fill out the rubric, and put it in the drawer.

  • Have some ideas for creating your graphic memoir.
  • Why are some stories better told with pictures?  With text only?  With a combination of both?

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