Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, 2/10/2009


  • Katie was here to talk for about forty-five minutes about her college experiences with reading, writing, professors, roommates, schedules, organization, working, etc.  She answered lots of questions.  If you want to ask her anything else, her e-mail is on the white board.

Scene Discussions
  • Casey and Vincent--scene where Frankenstein is enjoying the beauty of nature and feeling a little joy, and then he is "shut down, hardcore", by the appearance of the monster--so much for peace and joy.
  • Megan and Cassie--scene where the monster is wanting to introduce himself to the people in the cottage, wanting to be included; shows his humanity and emotions--makes him a more sympathetic character.
  • Reread Nabokov and Perrine, highlighting what each author says a good READER does, and a good WRITER does.
  • Fill out the sheet I have you with the points from each writer.

Where Were You Last Night?
  • We labeled the first and second drafts of our stories.
  • We reviewed the expectations for small group sharing.
  • We got our blue question sheets, and went to our rooms.
  • Everyone read his/her WWYLN? aloud and got questions for group members.
  • We organized them, stapled them, and put them in the drawer--we'll revise them again tomorrow.
Writing Lesson
  • Paragraphing--we read page 32 aloud and discussed it briefly.
  • Each person broke the passage on page 33 into paragraphs.  When finished, he/she checked the page against the author's original version.  We talked about the fact that there are STRUCTURAL reasons to start a new paragraph, as well as STYLISTIC reasons to start a new paragraph.

Writing Assignment
  • We discussed the requirements for the Autobiobraphical Poem (p. 44), then read Kyle's model on page 45, as well as a couple of others from term 2.
  • We got iBooks and had about twenty minutes to type a rough draft.
  • We saved and printed what we had completed at the end of the block.

  • Writing Experiment #9--type (or write, if you have no computer access) on a topic from page 48 for twenty minutes.  Record your start and end time, please.

Homework Due
  • One page of details about your Saying "It" Without Actually Saying It subject

Diction Warm-Up
  • We looked at the apparent contradictions on page 16, and we took turns explaining how each of them could be "true", and how we interpreted the phrase.
  • We then worked with a partner to come up with ten more apparent contradictions.
  • (To be continued maƱana)

  • People who had not shared their Post Secret post cards did so.
  • Everyone (almost) shared a detail from their Saying "It" poem list.
  • Everyone who conferenced yesterday told one thing their confererencer said that will be used in revising the memoir.

  • I handed out the rubric for the Saying "It" poem and went over it.
  • I handed out the rubric for the Memoir Revision and went over it.

  • We had thirty-five minutes left for working--most people worked on revising the memoir, although some people also did some thinking about the poem.

  • Revised Memoir--due THURSDAY
  • Saying "It" Poem--due FRIDAY

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