Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday, 2/6/2009


"Home Burial"
  • We finished discussing the RJ questions.

"The Dangers of Reading Fiction"
  • We discussed the RJ questions.
Frankenstein Vocabulary
We played a vocab review game, guys versus girls, and the guys won, barely.  :-)

Critical Approaches
We got into our groups for twenty minutes to continue working on our presentations.

  • Read "The Art of Fiction" on pages 31-2.
  • Answer the eight Reading Journal questions thoughtfully and carefully.
  • Study the Frankenstein vocabulary for fifteen minutes.
Homework Due
  • Death of Language

Writing Lesson
  • What makes a story a story?  We talked about some of the genre research you guys did, and we looked at some elements of the short story up on the Big Screen.

Writing Assignment
  • Where Were You Last Night?
  • We wrote a short story that started with the given line, "Where were you last night?"  We typed about thirty minutes, then printed what we had. 
  • We got our folders and logged in several pieces.
Diction Practice
  • We played Catchphrases, guys versus girls, and the game ended in a tie--that's right, a tie!  :-)
  • Journal #2--two pages MINIMUM (typed; doublespaced) on a topic of your choosing; you may use page 17 for help, if you want to.  It's due in the drawer when you walk in on Monday.

Post Secret
  • We discussed some of the postcards we'd viewed online or in the books.  Some were funny, some were heartbreaking, some were disturbing--but each one had a quality of honesty.  
  • Our assignment for Monday is to create TWO Post Secret post cards (one to be share with the class, the other not).

  • We went to Kum and Go, and a good time was had by all. 
  • We started construction of a snack schedule.
Writing Assignment
  • Hurtling Towards Cereal Bowl, Spoon at Ready
  • We took our morning, and we turned it into a "fancy morning", using Adam N.'s model in the textbook as an example.  Those that wanted to shared them at the end of the block.
  • Childhood Memoir, ready to peer conference
  • Post Secret Post Card (2)

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