Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, 2/13/2009


Writing Workshop
  • We talked about possible thesis statements (arguments) for our Frankenstein essays.  Five people volunteered their ideas, and we talked about how those statements could work as arguments.  
  • We put Andrew's minimalism essay up on the Big Screen, and we did some surgery on it, using our AP Writing Rubric.
  • These are discussions that should be helpful to you as you think about, draft, revise and finalize your Frankenstein essay.

Critical Approaches
We listened to presentations, took notes, and discussed.  We heard from the following groups:
  • Mythological
  • Historical
  • Marxist
  • Formalist
  • Deconstructivist

  • We had valentine candy.  :-)

  • We played the Monkey Game.  This time, the tie was fatefully broken, and the dragon side of the room emerged victorious.

  • Study for the vocabulary final.  (Tuesday)
  • Study for the mid-term final.  (Wednesday)
  • Work on your Frankenstein essay. (Thursday/Friday)

  • We reflected on what we learned in Units 1 and 2.  We looked at pages 3 and 31, and we went through and answered the big questions, showing ourselves what we know.

Writing Assignments
  • I handed out the rubrics for the Prompt Word Poem (p. 27) and the Fiction Writing Assignment #1 (p. 36).  I went over them, stressing the importance of you doing your best work with these assignments, and showing what you know.  Both assignments are due Tuesday, with rubrics completed, when you walk in the door.
  • We had one full hour to work on these assignments, and most people worked on the poem.

  • Prompt Word Poem, with completed rubric
  • Fiction Writing Assignment #1, with completed rubric

Homework Due
  • Saying "It" Without Actually Saying It poem, with completed rubric
  • Revised Childhood Memoir, with completed rubric

  • I handed out the rubric for the Stretching the Truth memoir--it's due on Tuesday when you come in.
  • I ready Carol Ann Duffy's poem aloud.  Even though it's called "Valentine", it's definitely not a mushy-gushy love poem.  
  • We got into groups of four, and we talked about the ideas on the next couple of pages.
  • We discussed the pages as a class when we got back together.

Writing Workshop
  • Valentine Fill-in-the-Blank Poem (save to folder in student volume)
  • Love Writing Experiment
  • Stretching the Truth Memoir

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