Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, 1/12/2008

Early dismissal due to snow

Fourth block did not meet, but almost everyone came in to pick up the required material.
  • Stewart Packet directions--orange 
  • Portfolio Reflection directions--white
  • Portfolio Evaluation (Pretend you're a lawyer, arguing for your grade)--yellow

  • Stewart Packets need to be complete when you walk in the door tomorrow, since we're heading to Stewart right after attendance.
  • Third Block--Remember you eat FIRST LUNCH tomorrow.
You may turn them in Tuesday or Wednesday.  Make sure you have thoughtfully and thoroughly filled out the self-evaluation, and that you've typed your reflection paper, well, reflectively.  :-)

Third Block
We read Things That Are Most in the World, then create our own sentence and drawing.  We spent the rest of the block working on the Stewart Packet.

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