Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday, 12/11/2008 (THIRD BLOCK)

Writing Reminder
We looked at a couple more Perfect Moment models to set the tone for revising our own.

Peer Conferencing
We traded Perfect Moments with a partner, and we filled out the yellow visualization sheet for our partner (noting concrete details).  We also marked out phrases like "the smell of" on their rough drafts.

  • Type your Life at Thirty.  Revise as needed.  Keep in mind you may want to use this piece in your portfolio.  Also, be aware that I will be reading these aloud on Friday and Monday (anonymously).  We'll try to guess whose is whose, based on the details.
  • Revise your Perfect Moment to the final draft, using the rubric and your partner's comments.

Life at Thirty (if you did not finish in class)
Perfect Moment (if you did not finish in class)

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