Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, 11/19

Homework Due:
We handed in the rough drafts of our autobiographical poems.

Autobiographical Poem Follow-Up:
  • We're working on our poems about ourselves, right?  And maybe knowing how someone else sees us can help us think more about who we are.  
  • I had six people (Becca J, Erin, Adriana, Nick, Andy, Becca D) stand up, individually, and the rest of us wrote down three positive things about them--things we could see, or things we knew about their personalities, interests, etc.  Then we handed those sheets to them.  
  • By Friday, everyone in class will have stood up and received comments from people.  And I'll have you review them before you do the final draft of your autobiographical poem to see if you want to use any of the details people in class noticed about you.

Writing Lesson:
  • Point of View--How does WHO tells a story affect how we view what's happening in the narrative?
  • We read a retelling of the Goldilocks story by Roald Dahl, and we talked about how POINT OF VIEW or PERSPECTIVE affects how a story is told, what details get the most attention, how the reader perceives the characters and the action....

Writing Assignment:
Early Memory
  • I read two models for the Early Memory memoir, pages 49-50.  We discussed how the narrator's SOUNDED like children.  For this assignment, you have to be able to narrate your early memory from the POINT OF VIEW of your child-self, at age seven or eight.  You words and sentences and observations should sound like a child's.
  • I handed out the rubric, and we discussed that as well.

  • We had roughly forty minutes today to work.
  • Many people started their Early Memory memoir and got a rough draft typed.
  • Lots of people talked with me about zeros on their grade printouts and turned in make-up work.

We passed back papers, and we did a folder log-in.  If you missed class, make sure you get your folder updated tomorrow when you return.  You'll find papers and your grade printout in your class manila folder.

  • Work on the Early Memory.  (It is due Friday.)
  • Think about possible ideas for your Portfolio.  

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