Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday, 11/14


We started off the block by spending about fifteen minutes writing or typing Writing Experiment #8--any prompt topic from page 48 that you didn't already write about for Writing Experment #7.

We passed back bunches of papers and did a folder log-in.  We also looked at grades.

We spent workshop time doing the following:
--finishing revisions on our Where Were You Last Night? stories.  The order for organizing them is on the board still, so check it out when you come in Monday.

--doing page 43 in the book and tossing it in the drawer, if you didn't already.

--reading your Earliest Memory poem aloud to me.

--talking to me about make-up work, if applicable.

1)  Journal #3
2)  Fiction Story
3)  Any make-up work dated 11/10-11/14

E-mail me with questions, please!

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